The dream of having an on-board entertainment system aboard PIA, the national flag airline, seems to come true. In recent months, PIA has frequently been in good news, from reforms to greater reliability, from reducing its losses to bringing new exciting destinations, it seems that PIA has finally begun its journey back in the right direction.

News For PIA Passengers: PIA Is Making Tts Own Flight Entertainment System

The absence of an entertainment system during the flight was one of the greatest demands of people who intended to travel with PIA. The airline is now moving to install a local flight system and, for that matter, a contract has been granted to M / s Aviation Avionics, a Pakistani company that develops custom systems for the national airline.

Sources within PIA say they are working to develop a new entertainment system based on touch screen using the experience and knowledge of PIA engineers to undergo the modifications required by the EGPWS and TCAS modules. A specific service provider will provide the hardware and safety and operational certifications required by regulators.

PIA Engineering is hoping that after obtaining this capability, it will be able to use its aircraft for technology demonstration and for future sales as well. It will be a notable improvement from the current practice of acquiring systems from international sources at exorbitant costs that are very restrictive and quickly become obsolete.

Having developed a system of indigenous sources will give PIA the flexibility to modify, change and solve system problems at will and at a marginal cost. The total cost of this project will be PKR 700 million for a fleet of 8 aircraft, which is a fraction of the cost estimate mentioned above.

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