Over 250 Pakistani citizens are stranded in the United Kingdom after Pakistan closed its airspace in March. Many of the stranded could not get any refunds or alternative flights and had to stay in the country despite lack of money.

Students, short-term visitors and the elderly make up the majority of the stranded Pakistanis who want to return to Pakistan. Pakistani airspace was originally closed until April 4, but commercial flights are still prohibited.

Pakistan’s High Commissioner for Great Britain, Mohammad Nafees Zakaria, wrote a letter to stranded Pakistanis saying, “I would like to inform you that the PIA is organizing special flights to facilitate the return of stranded Pakistanis in the UK. We have forwarded your data to PIA with the request to reserve your seats on the first available flights. ”

In response, Major (R) Syed Faisal, who is short-term in the UK and stranded, said: “The high commission in London has informed me that they have coordinated with PIA and everyone who shared their visa and passport information, a copy with PHC is used for the further booking of flights. So far, however, nobody has contacted me regarding the booking. In addition, PIA has removed all special flights from its website. Nobody knows who to contact for booking. PIA averages £ 800-900 per person. I came here for a short time, but I’ve been here in London for over 20 days. I have no more money to eat and live. We all appeal to the government to arrange special flights, either free of charge on a humanitarian basis or at the normal rate. ”

Many other Pakistanis are stranded in the United Kingdom are running out of money and medical care, which makes them unsure about their future.

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