The representative of the country of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Pakistan, Dr. Palitha Gunarathna Mahipala said Friday that Pakistan has observed one of the world’s best “national response programs” to the Pakistani COVID-19 pandemic and has asked people to take precautionary and preventive measures to avoid infection with the virus, which is extremely contagious, but not as deadly as some other members of the coronavirus family.

Speaking about the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic, he said that even countries with advanced health care systems like South Korea and Italy would not have included COVID-19. He added that the Pakistani authorities responded to the threat in good time and took measures that resulted in the virus being kept in check longer than other districts had its cases.

He also urged people to take precautions to avoid becoming infected with the viral disease. You should avoid attending public gatherings, maintaining hand hygiene by washing your hands with soap and water, after coughing and sneezing labels, and if you stay inside, flu-like symptoms. “Maintaining hand hygiene is key to preventing you from not only getting COVID-19, but also many other communicable diseases. People should wash their hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and use disinfectants when they can’t wash their hands, ”he said, adding that the introduction of cough labels is also very important, as this will spread the virus would prevent others.

“It is very important that people stay in the house for a few days if they have flu-like symptoms. It would prevent other people from becoming infected with the disease, even if it is not COVID-19.”


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