The present spell of snowfall has changed Pakistan’s northern district into a winter wonderland. The all encompassing perspectives on snow-loaded trees, solidified lakes and comfortable cabins have constrained sightseers to race toward the north to appreciate the new day off

The Snow-Secured Rakaposhi Mountain.

The snow-secured Rakaposhi mountain.

Mists Floating Over The Snow Secured Mountains Along The Indus Stream.

Mists floating over the snow secured mountains along the Indus stream.

The Snow-Canvassed Mountains In Gilgit.

The snow-canvassed mountains in Gilgit.

New Snow In The Skardu Region.

New snow in the Skardu region.

The Snow-Secured Mountains At Harmaranga

The snow-secured mountains at Harmaranga

Snow-canvassed mountains in Kharmang.

Snow-canvassed mountains in Kharmang.

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