Pakistan reopened on Sunday that it opened its land border with Iran in Taftan, in the Baluchistan region two weeks after its closure to limit the spread of coronavirus from the neighboring country, Radio Pakistan reported. “More than 35 vehicles filled with LPG and loaded with other types of goods have been allowed to enter Pakistan via Taftan,” the report said, adding that health teams dispatched to different points of entry “were monitoring Iranian drivers” for the virus. Pakistan closed its land border with Iran on February 23 after several deaths from coronavirus were reported in the neighboring country. The fatal respiratory disease has affected around 100,000 people worldwide since it was first reported in China in January of this year. So far, six cases have been reported positive in Pakistan. Iran is one of the most affected countries with the maximum number of outdoor coronavirus deaths in China. The death toll in Iran rose to 145 on Saturday. Meanwhile, many measures have been taken by Pakistan to limit the spread of the disease, with isolation units set up in southwest Balochistan province to screen returnees from Iran.

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The positive tests for the virus are then quarantined for a period of two weeks. “We receive hundreds of Iranian pilgrims every day who are quarantined at the border. About 3,800 people have been quarantined since the border closed last month, “Liaquat Shahwani, spokesman for the Balochistan government, told Arab News on Saturday.

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