Gilgit Baltistan (GB) on Thursday was purportedly confronting the most noticeably terrible of the winter season as the temperature dropped to as low as short 19 degree Celsius in Babusar Pass.

As indicated by Pakistan Meteorological Department’s (PMD) climate projection, the coldest zones in the district incorporate, Skardu at – 18°C, Astore at – 12°C, Gupis at – 09°C, Kalat and Kalam at – 07°C, Hunza and Gilgit – 06°C, Parachinar at – 5°C, Quetta at – 4°C, and Dir and Rawlakot – 3°C.

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In the mean time, thick haze is probably going to win in most plain zones of Punjab and upper Sindh just as a couple of regions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) during morning and night hours throughout the end of the week.

Residents in KP are encouraged to take prudent steps against conceivable ice while residents in Punjab may confront a few issues voyaging by means of motorway as significant segments of the interstate have been shut for all sort of traffic because of no ability to see.

The Motorway police representative has prompted the suburbanites to look for data from Helpline 130 before going on these areas of the Motorway.

Climate stayed dry and cold in many pieces of the nation while freezing in upper zones.

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