Media plays an important role in todays’ society and undoubtedly they are an important pillar that keeps us aware of what’s actually happening around us but an irresponsible media can do more harm in a matter of seconds than a war could do in days.

Corona virus (commonly written as COVID) is a global outbreak and has effected travel and businesses to a greater extend. People are diagnosed and later treated in many parts of the world. As a matter of fact, most of the death caused due to COVID is to the people who are either elderly or already have an existing terminal disease mostly i.e. to those whose immunity levels are already low.

Last night it was all over the news that the first Pakistani person has been identified to have corona virus.

Although the person is stable and situation is under control, but constantly banging the news over and over in the media has alerted authorities even more and as a result, this morning (in less than 24 hours), all flights to Umrah have been cancelled.

In one of the country there were almost 50 deaths due to this virus yet the media behaved matured enough not to create panic as they know that their position is not only to get ratings for the channel but a bigger one in allowing the economy and lives of common to be better rather than worse.

A common estimated number says that one day of flights suspensions is resulting in PKR 885,500,000 (88.5 Crores) loss to the common man of Pakistan who have pre booked the flights, hotels, visa and ground transport to perform the holy duty. In a matter of one week it will be around PKR 6,198,500,000 (6.19 Billion).

Over 85% of them are traveling in the economy class and on economy package for which some of them work their entire life just to pay a visit to Makkah and Medina to perform Umrah.

Who is responsible for such a loss and who will compensate? Who will collect the pieces of shattered dreams that many were dreaming for over decades? Who will give them the new hope? Is it not high time that media should act responsible?

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