As a gesture of humanity during the global pandemic, Pakistani drivers in Barcelona are offering their services free of charge to medical staff and nurses who are at the forefront of the corona virus.

In a tweet shared by Nadia Jamil, an international publication reported how Pakistani drivers wait for medical personnel outside of hospitals to facilitate their commuting.

The shared video shows a Pakistani taxi driver assisting medical personnel. The taxi driver introduces himself later and describes the mood behind the free services.

“My name is Syed Sheraz and I come from Pakistan. During this time, hundreds of Pakistani drivers are offering social services with me in Barcelona. If an accident occurs, we are always ready to provide our services to the host country.

“There was a terrorist attack in 2017, even then, Pakistanis were providing social services to residents by giving them free rides,” he said.

He said when Spain became the third largest country from COVID-19, Pakistani drivers working there decided to offer free service to medical personnel.

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