As the situation is currently now worldwide, there are now far-reaching restrictions on travel and advice against communities in public places, entertainment hotspots, and educational institutions. In addition to China, where the novel coronavirus is said to have its origins, there are two countries on March 15 in which the number of infection victims has now reached over 10,000: Italy (21,157) and Iran (12,729). The number of people infected in eight other countries is thousands (but less than 10,000), while three-digit infections have occurred in another 31 countries. Covid-19 has spread to over 140 countries, and the disease is rightly called a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

However, if one thing spreads faster than the pandemic itself, it’s panic. And that’s a global phenomenon that reports people panicking, hoarding dry foods and frozen foods, and even stocking up on toilet paper. The media should play their rightful role here by being rational and publishing reports that are not only balanced but also authentic and verified. In any case, there is always a best case scenario and there is always a worst case scenario. Good governance dictates that contingency plans are in place to deal with the worst-case scenario.

Unfortunately, most media only report the negative news. In this effort to spread the news first, this part of the media does not mind breaking the integrity of news.

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