A paramedic in the United Kingdom was overwhelmed with emotion when her entire street came out to pay tribute to her.

Tayla Porter was greeted by her entire street in Basingstoke, Hampshire when she went to work on Thursday. The spontaneous reception brought tears to her eyes as her parents – mother Ali and father Phil and sibling Tash, watched.

The 22-year-old emergency assistant also found a packet of Cadbury’s miniature heroes and homemade cakes on her car to drive to work.

Tayla’s mother said, “It was overwhelming for all of us. Tayla just couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t believe that people would even notice what she was doing. She just loves her job. I had no idea that the whole street I just thought it could be our neighbors next door and the house across the street. What I didn’t realize was that in every single house at least one person came out to clap them. It went all the way up our street and you she could also hear her clapping all the way up the next street. It must have been people texting or word of mouth because not everyone is there. It was so emotional that I could hardly speak. It was just overwhelming pride “We hardly know anyone on our street. You see each other every day, but you don’t know the names of the others.”

Tayla, hoping to become a senior paramedic, even made her way to her shift while her younger sister Tash celebrated her 21st birthday.


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