Not all passengers on a plane are considerate of people traveling with them. Many of us have had flights with annoying travelers. Be it someone who takes more leg room or leans the seat too far back without asking, there are people who lack the basic etiquette.

spring break

Such a person cost a man US$ 1,566 (about PKR 240,000) after leaning back in his seat and destroying another passenger’s laptop. Obviously, she did not inform the man behind her that she would sit back completely.

Pat Cassidy’s Apple Macbook Pro was knocked down from the reclined seat on his flight from Austin to Los Angeles with Delta Airlines.

He tweeted a picture of the crashed screen and wrote, “So that was what happened on my flight home. The person in front of me leaned back and my MacBook Pro screen got stuck. The person in front of her then gave her place and pressed extra – tore up my screen. “

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