Photos: 10 amazing sunrises around the world


Since the world is caught by the terror of the corona virus, we all have to stay positive and hopeful that the good times will come again soon. Here are 10 amazing sunrises from around the world, each of them promises a better tomorrow. Stay home, stay safe and stay positive.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Hong Kong City, Hong Kong

Hong Kong yugopk-min

Hunza, Pakistan

Hunza yugopk-min

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul yugopk-min

London, United Kingdom

london yugopk-min

New Delhi, India

New Delhi yugopk-min

New York, United States of America

New york yugopk-min

San Francisco, United States of America

San Francisco yugopk-min

Santorini, Greece

santorini yugopk-min

Singapore City, Singapore

Singapore yugopk-min

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