Pakistan International Airline has decided to rotate employees on paid leave to reduce unnecessary costs due to the non-deployment of workers in projects.

In a related announcement, the management of the national flag carrier asked department heads to create schedule of paid vacation days for employees by April 14, as the first cycle of paid vacation days would begin on April 16 as corona virus has a drastic impact on the operation of our airlines in general, and flight operations in particular have been reduced to minimal / zero. Unfortunately, nobody can predict how long this situation will last”.

“In order to reduce unnecessary costs due to underutilization of the workforce and to reduce the associated overhead costs, it was decided that employees in all areas were to be sent on alternate paid leave for 10 days so that all of the department’s staff used the paid month without exception Vacation days (a third of employees for 10 days, then another third, etc.)”.

However, it was further elaborated that this rotation of paid vacation days should be planned in such a way that the minimum need for personnel is maintained in order to avoid impairment of operations, taking into account the type of duty.

“In the event of an exception due to the nature of the professional / operational requirements, this can also be passed on to the concerned person” the instruction concluded.

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