Cairo is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Egypt and is full of historical and cultural heritage. It is a huge city and has a large road network and other transportation options so people can easily move around. Here is our guide to the different ways to get around Cairo during your Egypt tour.

1. The Metro Is The Quickest Way To Get Around

metro train

Since the 1930s, it was planned to build a subway network in Egypt. However, construction only started in the 1980s. The first line built led from Helwan south of Cairo to El Marg north of the city. The underground lines are constantly being expanded to make it easier for citizens to get around the city. This is especially important because the streets in Cairo are so crowded. If you are looking for a quick and affordable way to get to your destination, the subway is a good choice as you can save yourself from the hassle of traffic. However, keep in mind that the subway is sometimes crowded too, especially at peak times. So if you are unwilling to deal with the crowd, you should choose a different form of transportation.

2. Other Public Transportation


Cairo has a large public transport network with a number of buses, minibuses and a large road network, in addition to the ring road that surrounds the important parts of Cairo. One of the best places to find transportation to almost anywhere in the city is Ramsis Square and Abd El Moneim Riyad Square. Just ask about your destination and since the people are very friendly they will help you.

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3. Private Transport


 If you’re looking for an easy way to achieve your goal and save time, private cars are for you. You have the option of taking a taxi or other private means such as Uber and Careem that will allow you to book a car with just a few clicks. London Cab is also a good choice for a comfortable and safe journey from or to the airport.

4. Try The River Bus


This is a bus in the Nile! Although these Nilbuses don’t go as fast as you want them to, they are still so much better than the traffic jam. So if your destination is on the river bank, you can simply ask if the bus goes there. Another advantage of the Nile bus is that it takes you to the historic Coptic area in Cairo’s old town. Just ask at the river stop which bus goes to Misr Al-Qadima (Old Cairo).

5. Take The Nile Taxi

nile river

This is a new method of transportation that saves you time – the Niltaxi. You can now use the boats in the river to move quickly. There are three types of Niltaxis. Those where you have to wait until there are enough passengers. Those where you can reserve in advance to plan the time that suits you and the tourist best.

6. Take The Carriage


Carriages can be found in the city center, in Zamalek, in Giza and mainly along the Nile Corniche. And even though they are now mainly used for sightseeing, they are still popular with Egyptians and tourists, especially during the holidays and on special occasions.

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