Qatar Airways has upgraded its winter flight schedule in line with passenger and cargo demand and the ongoing relaxation of global entry restrictions. Overall, the airline hopes to be able to offer 124 destinations in the coming months.

Akbar Al Baker, CEO of Qatar Airways Group, said: “We pride ourselves on being trusted by passengers around the world to get them safely and reliably where they want to go.

“That trust starts with an honest flight schedule that is realistic to current market conditions and entry restrictions around the world. We also make sure that we support our passengers with the most flexible and generous options to postpone their plans if entry restrictions change and we are forced to postpone or cancel flights.”

He added: “Although no airline can predict with 100% certainty how the market will recover or what future market entry restrictions will apply, our unmatched experience as the largest international airline during this crisis allows us to provide a realistic flight plan Create confidence. We have flown 175 million kilometers since the outbreak of the pandemic and have taken more than 2.3 million passengers home with us on over 35,000 flights. We have also operated more than 400 charter flights around the world to keep up with the latest airport and national health procedures and to keep our finger on the pulse of global passenger flows, especially in markets where we do not regularly operate flights.”

By the end of 2020, Qatar Airways plans to expand its network to include 21 destinations in Africa, ten in America, 42 in Asia Pacific, 38 in Europe and 13 in the Middle East. Many cities are served on a busy schedule with daily or more frequencies.

As per the recent IATA reports, Qatar Airways had the highest share among international airline between April and July.

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