Record-Breaking, 1,111-Meter-Long Waterslide Opens In Malaysia


The downside of water slides is that the effort usually always exceeds the reward, at least in terms of time.

You climb dozens of steps to reach the entry point of the slide, blowing and blowing your way up, only to find yourself wading in the exit pool a few seconds later.

This will not be the case with a new slide which has just opened in Malaysia.

Stretching 1111 meters (3645 feet), the path winds through the undergrowth of Penape’s ESCAPE theme park would have broken the previous record for the longest tubular slide in the world owned by Action Park, a park theme in Vernon, New Jersey.

waterslide opens in Malaysia

Unlike the New Jersey version, which is inflatable, the new ESCAPE slide is made of fiber-reinforced polymer and is a permanent structure attached to steel posts.

“Breaking the world record was never our intention,” said Sim Choo Kheng, CEO of operator ESCAPE Sim Leisure Group, in a statement. “I’m always baffled by how short and fast the journeys are. I wanted to build journeys that last a few good minutes.”

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