With rising temperatures, more people are on beaches and enjoy the cool water. The authorities in Sharjah and Ajman have reminded people to be extra careful when swimming. The warning was issued after two people were rescued where as two drowned at Ajman beach on Friday, by the Ajman Civil Defense.

“To reduce beach accidents like drowning and jet ski accidents, we urge the public to take precautionary measures and comply with swimming guidelines,” said a top official from the Sharjah Police Rescue Department. “According to police investigations, most drowning cases occurred in areas with high sea currents where instructions for signs were already in place. Some beachgoers ignore instructions and warnings from the police in bad weather and are at risk.

“The Sharjah police have constantly warned the public to take precautions. Families are encouraged to follow instructions to avoid drowning events. Children should not be allowed to swim unless there is an accompanying person,” he added.

Brig Abdul Aziz Al Shamsi, General Manager of Ajman Civil Defense, also urged the public to take precautions on the beach. “Despite the precautionary measures taken by the Ajman police, drowning accidents continued, although the number has decreased compared to previous years.

“The rescue team rushed to the beach on Friday and rescued two people, but two others – an Arab and an Asian – drowned. One of them died in the hospital while the other’s body was recovered a few hours after the incident. More patrols are used, to ensure safety on the beaches.”

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