As the country is hit by violent cold waves, the temperature fell on Sunday in Skardu, the central valley of Gilgit-Baltistan, to -21 ° C.

The Pakistani Meteorological Office has already forecast cold and drought in the country, while it is very cold in the upper region.

Skardu Freezes As Temperature Drop to -21 Celsius

According to the synoptic situation, continental air prevails in most parts of the country.

The lowest minimum temperatures were measured on Sunday with Skardu -21 ° C; Gupis and Bagrote -12 ° C; -11 ° C; Gilgit -7 ° C; Kalam and Kalat -5 degrees Celsius.

Thick fog is likely in Islamabad, most areas in Punjab and Upper Sindh, while in some districts of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa it is cheerful on Monday mornings and evenings.

The National Motorway and Motorway Police have advised commuters to avoid unnecessary trips and use the Humsafar mobile app to quickly get information about important routes.

Minimum temperatures were measured in some larger cities: Islamabad 4 ° C, Murree -4 ° C, Lahore 2 ° C, Karachi 11 ° C, Peshawar 3 ° C, Muzaffarabad 4 ° C, Quetta -1 degrees Celsius.

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