Snow-covered, hilly holiday resorts in the north of the country continue to be full of domestic and foreign tourists, where a large number of tourists gathered in different locations to enjoy their weekends with family and friends.

Snowfall Attracts Domestic and Foreign Tourist to North Pakistan

The recent snowfall in Murree and the nearby mountain stations has attracted large numbers of local and international tourists. Due to its proximity, Murree is a particularly attractive weekend holiday for the residents of the twin cities.

Snowfall Attracts Domestic and Foreign Tourist to North Pakistan

According to visitors to Murree, the weekend saw a large number of tourists living in different hilly areas and tourists taking selfies and photos along roadsides, which hindered the smooth flow of traffic in some of the city’s streets.

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Locals in these areas, speaking to private news broadcasters, noticed that the powdery white layer in hilly restorations, including Galyaat, Swat, Naran, Abbottabad, Malam Jabba, Muree and nearby areas, enhanced the natural beauty and attracted the number of tourists.

Snowfall Attracts Domestic and Foreign Tourist to North Pakistan

A family in the direction of the Swat Valley stopped on the way to take pictures and said: “We spend a lot of time with the family and our children are happier than the elders.”

The weekend is another factor that encourages local tourists to plan their trips to the beautiful hilly areas of northern Pakistan.

The local traffic police in the hilly areas are warmly invited to visit the holiday areas and enjoy the snow. However, visitors should bring appropriate winter gear, including warm clothing and shoes, especially for their little ones.

Every tourist should have their ID card and passport, and tourists should make sure their clothes are made according to weather conditions, officials said. They said tourists should be aware of driving slowly and using fewer gears.

On Sunday there was a long traffic growl on various streets, which was eliminated with the deployment of additional police personnel, officials said. The traffic police urged tourists to work with the traffic police to avoid traffic disorder, especially when it snows.

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