On airplanes, it is difficult enough not to knock on the knees with the person in the next seat – let alone follow the Centers for Disease Control’s social distance guidelines during the corona virus pandemic, which should be at least one meter away from others .

However, to keep more distance in the normally cramped modern bus cabins, a Wall Street analyst has the idea that most passengers would probably fully support the removal of the middle seats.

“We could potentially have an experience on board where they would have to empty the middle seat in an airplane in a six-seater economy class for a modest social detachment,” Citigroup analyst Stephen Trent told Tuesday’s news .

It wouldn’t be the six-foot space recommended by the CDC, but it’s a start. Finally, rubbing the elbows in the economy is the opposite of social distancing, and the additional precautions could help airlines strengthen decimated routes on which industry capacity has grown in recent weeks due to the spread of the corona virus that has infected since this release is cut, more than 200,000 people worldwide and more than 8,000 people were killed.

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