Brighton is served by the airports around London. London Gatwick Airport is around 30 kilometers north of the city and it only takes half an hour by train to reach Brighton from the airport.


Heathrow Airport to Brighton takes approximately 90 minutes. Stansted and Luton airports are also well connected to Brighton via London. Brighton itself has its own small airport.

1. Train


Eurostar trains run from numerous parts of Europe to London St. Pancras station. From there, Brighton can be reached by direct trains. Direct trains from London Victoria to Brighton take 52 minutes, while direct trains from London Bridge Station take 58 minutes. The two main rail operators to Brighton are Southern and Thames link. There are 308 trains a day from London to Brighton.

The cheapest non-travel ticket from London St. Pancras to Brighton and London Bridge is £ 25, while from London Victoria is £ 29.70. Ticket from Gatwick Airport to Brighton costs £ 9. Heathrow Airport is well connected to London Victoria by tube. A single fare is around £ 6 (excluding travel discount cards).

2. Bus


Brighton buses are commuter friendly and have wheelchair ramps. If a person in a wheelchair cannot board, a free taxi will be provided to complete the trip. Another great feature of the Brighton bus service are the “talking bus stops”. This helps visually impaired people with travel information. Commuters can hear all related information about bus timing and approaching buses.

3. Taxi


Brighton taxis have number plates on the back and all are measured. The driver ID is always visible. You will find a taxi rank in front of the train station and you can also call a taxi on the street.

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