Earlier a spokesman from Civil Aviation Authority said: “The government has decided to extend the suspension of all types of domestic scheduled, unscheduled, chartered, private aircraft and general aviation operations until April 11.

This means that all domestic flights in Pakistan will resume on the April 12. When it comes to international flights most likely international flights from Pakistan will resume in next two to three weeks.

Below is the tentative schedule of flights that we know as of now:

Pakistan International Airlines, April 12

PIA yugopk-min

airblue, April 12

airblue yugopk-min

SereneAir, April 12

serene yugopk-min

Gulf Air, April 17

Gulf Air yugopk-min

Turkish Airlines, April 18

Turkish airlines yugopk-min

Etihad Airways, April 19

Etihad yugopk-min

Oman Air, April 22

Oman Air yugopk-min

Emirates Airlines, May 01

Emirates yugopk-min

Initially they will be operating on selected routes. But we are all positive and hopeful that soon all routes will be open.

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