Some industrial projects around the world burned money on a large scale and represented massive tourism failures. To the extent that you don’t know whether to laugh or cry about it, how easy it is to waste huge sums of money for almost nothing. Tourism Review presents some of the most significant tourism failures ever.

The World Islands – United Arab Emirates

The world is located on the Persian Gulf off the coast of Dubai and is an archipelago of small islands that have been created in the form of a world map. Construction on the islands in 2003 started in 2003, but was stopped in 2008 due to the financial crisis. Since then there has been a lot of silence about the project. A third of the islands have not yet been sold and only two have been developed, of which only one (Lebanon) is used for commercial purposes. As a result, there was a total loss of 13.5 billion USD.

Berlin Airport – Germany

According to initial information, the airport should start operating at the end of 2011. The official start date was corrected to June 2012. Since then, the inauguration of the airport has been postponed due to technical and structural defects, which resulted in losses of 7.1 billion USD. The opening is currently planned for 2021.

New South China Mall – China

China tourism Failure

The plan was to build the largest mall in the world, and only through the shopping district was the goal achieved. However, the reality is somewhat different than expected. Almost no shops, no restaurants, few visitors. Covering an area of ​​892,000 m2 – around 125 soccer fields – there is 660,000 m2 of sales space, which until recently was 99% empty. For this reason, the New South China Mall in Dongguan has long been called the Dead Mall, which has resulted in losses of over 1.08 billion USD.

National Stadium of Brasilia – Brazil

Brazil tourism Failure

The total construction cost was 485 million USD, making it one of the most expensive stadiums in the history of football. However, usage has been limited since the World Cup because the capital has no professional team to cover the monthly maintenance costs of around 194,000 USD.

The Harmon Hotel – United States of America

USA tourism Failure

Construction of the 279 million USD hotel in Las Vegas started in 2007. It was planned to build an elliptical tower with a highly reflective facade, 400 hotel rooms and 207 condominiums. Construction defects were discovered only a year later. The residential complex had to be completely abandoned in order to reduce the number of floors from 49 to 28. In 2013 it was decided to demolish The Harmon, with total damage reaching 394 million USD.

Tourism failure

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