Brighton may not be the UK’s largest city, but it certainly packs a ton of restaurants into its small size.


Below is the list of our most popular Halal restaurants:

1. Ephesus


There are quite a few Turkish restaurants in Brighton and Hove, but Ephesus is definitely one of the best in town. With an excellent selection of kebabs as well as vegetarian dishes and salads, Ephesus is a cozy and relaxed choice in the city center.

2. Nandos


While many Halal restaurants are certainly locally owned in Brighton, it’s hard to deny the delicacy of Nando’s spicy Piri-Piri chicken. Nando’s is a hugely popular chain in the UK and offers halal options in all UK restaurants. Find branches in Brighton city center and the marina.

3. Kambis


A local Lebanese favorite, Kambi is known for its relaxed atmosphere and delicious kebab. Perfect for large groups and families, it’s usually pretty busy – so book in advance!

4. Taste of the Sahara

Taste of the Sahara

With friendly staff and a delicious selection of Moroccan dishes, Taste of Sahara is a popular choice on Brighton’s Western Road. With stews, grilled dishes and a delicious Arabic feast, there is something for everyone in this Brighton favorite.

5. Al Rouche

Al Rouche

Al Rouche is another Lebanese option that we can add to our list. It’s a laid-back family favorite on Brighton’s Preston Street, one of the city’s best streets for international cuisine. Al Rouche has an extensive menu and is the perfect place to start an evening.

6. Las Iguanas


You can’t expect this Latin American-inspired restaurant to be on a list of halal restaurants, but the popular chain actually uses halal meat in all of its chicken, duck, goat, and lamb dishes. If that wasn’t enough, there is also a large selection of reasonably priced mocktails that are always 2 for 1! You will find Las Iguanas in Brighton city center and in the marina.

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