The best thing about movement is that it generally astonishes you. Regardless of which country you travel to, you are will undoubtedly be remunerated by magnificence in some structure or the other. Furthermore, it is this magnificence and the hankering for those shocks waiting in the obscure, which makes travel so overwhelming and satisfying. Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is one such spot, where the encounters never end, and neither do the amazements. What left me the most awestruck about this city is the fantastically perfect Stockholm Metro – alluded to as the “world’s longest art gallery”!

world's longest art gallery

Underneath Stockholm is an overly complex system of metro rail lines covering the length and expansiveness of the city. These are almost a 100 metro stations, covering a 110km passage framework. Out of these 100 metro stations, more than 90 are adorned with enormous mosaics, models, works of art, and establishments. Since the 1950s, more than 150 craftsmen have assumed a key job in patching up these stations with their enchantment. The outcome – the world’s most wonderful metro stations!!

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Stadion is perhaps my most loved of all Stockholm metros. The rainbow curve here is essentially otherworldly, without a doubt! This station is only a couple of prevents away from T-Centralen, and is a sheer treat to catch.


T-Centralen is the principle center point of the Stockholm Metro, and invites its guests with quieting blue shades combined up with moderate desgins of leaves and blossoms.

T-Centralen station

The craftsman chose to cover Solna Centrum in hypnotizing tints of green and red. After some time, all the more fascinating components were included, including houses, trees, waterways, and moving green slopes.


solna station

Kungsträdgården, which signifies “King’s Garden”, was home to the majestic Makalös Palace, and a lovely French nursery, between the 1600-1800s. The metro specialty of this station says a lot about the history and engineering of Kungsträdgården – all wonderfully organized in delightful shades of white, green, and red.


Tensta Station was an outright joy to investigate with its dynamic displays of creature figures and leaves against a brilliant white divider. A large portion of these works of art are devoted to outsiders that have come and settled in Tensta throughout the years.



While most stations had painting and mosaics, Bagarmossen stood apart with staggering light boards on each side, with each possible shade of shading! I’ve never at any point seen a station more tasteful than this one!

Bagarmossen Sparkling gold mosaics, works of art of winged animals, and block orange dividers make Rinkeby one more exemplary diamond of the Stockholm Metro. Travel back in time with Rinkeby’s different works of art that incorporate an enormous, brilliant ancient sun and other captivating folklore based mosaics.

Rinkeby Travel to Stockholm and look at these lovely metro stations yourself!

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