The Dubai Global Village is on par with the top entertainment destinations in the world when it comes to the average number of daily visitors, according to global data. The multicultural festival park receives an average of 42,000 visitors per day.

Compare that to the average of the world’s top four attractions: Disney’s Magic Kingdom Orlando (57,000); Disneyland Anaheim (51,000); Tokyo Disneyland (49,000) and Tokyo DisneySea (40,000) (data source: Global Attractions Attendance Report – 2018 by Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) and AECOM).

The Global Village of Dubai Attracts More Visitors Than Last Year

Bader Anwahi, CEO of Global Village, said: “Dubai’s prestige and legacy as a must-see destination for extraordinary experiences continues to grow, which is why Global Village is proud to be a major part of it. Transforming the emirate into a world renowned tourism icon. Our contribution and commitment to Dubai’s tourism strategy and economic vision is manifested in the impressive number of visitors who have experienced the unforgettable world that we As we celebrate the reception of more than 90 million customers since the creation of Global Village in 1997, this motivates us to continually improve and transform our facilities, operations and activities to attract millions of ‘others. ”

The official said 3.5 million visitors have scored 9.1 / 10 on the customer happiness index so far this season.

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