All people who spread rumors about the coronavirus on social media will be temporarily jailed, the UAE’s attorney general, Dr. Hamad Al Shamsi, said Monday. Rumourmongers can be jailed for a minimum period of one year if they spread rumors punishable by law that are considered a crime. However, it may be less than a year depending on the crime they commit, the attorney general said at a press conference. Al Shamsi said: “The UAE security authorities will take strict measures and severe penalties ranging from one year to several years in prison will be imposed on rumor protesters in proportion to the panic caused by the rumors.”

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The Attorney General emphasized that rumor smugglers may be held liable in accordance with the articles of the Federal Criminal Law and the Federal Law to Combat Cybercrime together, noting that these rumor smugglers undermine the security and stability of society, threaten the development process. in the country and spread fear and panic among members of society, be they citizens or residents. Al Shamsi said facing these rumors and lies will be imposing severe penalties, according to the judge’s opinion after completing the investigation and transferring fans of the rumors to trial. He added that the prosecution and the IADC bodies detected audio and video clips that contained false and incorrect information or, rather, rumors about the degree of spread of the coronavirus in society or about the measures taken by state agencies to deal with the strain propagation.

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“These videos included allegations of measures to enforce the curfew or control their daily lives, which are rumors punished by law, and we confirm that anyone who commits such a crime will face severe punishment,” he said, asking members of the public not to be dragged behind these rumors. Dr. Al Shamsi also asked people to follow the news about the fight against the Coronavirus in his official sources represented by the committee formed by the state to handle the crisis and from the statements of the ministries and official organisms. He affirmed the efficiency of state and professional agencies to deal with the spread of the Coronavirus, which contributed to limiting the spread of the strain.

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