Boarding an airplane is undoubtedly one of the most stressful parts of traveling. Things can get a little more intense between trying to dig up your boarding pass, move through the crowd, and find trash cans somewhere on board. Of course, you might be tempted to ask a crew member for a little help, especially if you put your bag in the last piece of trash. But a crew member is now begging passengers not to ask for help before takeoff. And the reason why you can be horrified.

In an interview with flight attendant some of the key reasons where shared. The biggest problem, however, is the fact that flight attendants technically only start a paid shift when the entry door closes. And that means if they help you lift your bag and get hurt, you may not be lucky.

“We don’t get paid until the entrance door is closed,” she said. “If we get injured while putting this bag in the trash, we cannot write it off as an injury at work.”

Think again – the people who will help you get on safely, get you water before the flight starts, help parents accommodate their children, greet you kindly, and make sure everyone is seated in the right place ( and do many other things) not get paid for it. Oh, and they’re not paid for connecting flights and delays.

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