A royal worker at Buckingham Palace tested positive for the corona virus when Queen Elizabeth II was still at the London residence, as per the media.

According to The Sun’s March 21 newspaper report, the adjutant became ill and tested positive for the virus earlier last week. Every member of the Royal Household with whom he came into contact has since become self-isolated, the report added.

It was not known how close the queen’s worker came personally.

“The worker was tested positive before the queen went to Windsor. But the palace has 500 employees, so as with any job, it is not inconceivable that it would be affected at some point,” the Sun newspaper quoted a source.

It was understood that the employee was recovering.

Regarding the development, a spokesman for Palace said: “We would not comment on individual employees. In accordance with the relevant guidelines and our own processes, we have taken the necessary measures to protect all employees and people involved.”

The latest official figures show that the number of people across the UK who died from the coronavirus has increased to 233. 53 other deaths were reported on Saturday in England, two in Wales and one in Scotland.

The number of confirmed cases was 5,067.

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