The COVID-19, commonly known as the corona virus, is spreading around the world at an alarming rate. And it is recommended to postpone all travel plans. But we also understand wanderlust and how restless it can make a real blue traveler.

Here you will find all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether you want to travel or not.

Which countries are affected by the virus?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 127 countries and areas around the world were affected by the Corona virus by March 12, 2020. This list includes popular tourist destinations such as Italy, Switzerland, China, Azerbaijan, France, USA, Germany, Hong Kong, Russia, Japan, Indonesia and Spain. The impact of the virus is so great that many international airlines are now canceling several of their scheduled flights.

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Would it be okay to continue the travel plans?

It is recommended to press the pause button on all travel plans. The WHO urges older people and people with health problems to at least postpone their travel plans to the affected areas.

Of the 127 countries affected by the Corona virus (as of March 12, 2020), there are several countries with very few patients. For example, Mongolia, Turkey, Jordan and Armenia have reported only one case of the virus in their respective areas. Cambodia has reported 3 cases and Maldives 8 cases.

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Many countries have also introduced travel restrictions. For example, the country of Italy is completely closed. Nobody can go in or out. The United States has sent a Level 3 report – asking its residents to rethink travel to all foreign countries. This recommendation can be changed to level 4 (complete travel ban) at any time. India has decided to suspend all visas except diplomatic ones. The UAE is also taking steps to restrict the entry and exit of citizens and travelers.

Finally, it is recommended that you wait for the virus to start running. However, if you need to travel for any reason, it is recommended that you take strict safety precautions to protect yourself from the virus. These safety precautions include avoiding crowded areas, maintaining social distance, avoiding eyes, nose and mouth, washing your hands regularly and wearing a safety mask whenever possible.

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