We all love Bali, but when it comes to food, you may be wondering if there is halal food since Babi Guling suckling pig is the most famous Balinese dish. Hmm, how can you travel around the island without sticking to plain white rice? Is there halal food at all? Don’t worry, since the majority of the island’s population is Hindu, there are also a lot of Muslims living on the island who prepare fresh, delicious halal food that you can enjoy. We did a bit of research and found some great halal warungs (local restaurants) as well as some fantastic halal restaurants in Bali. So make your choice from our selection!

1. Pawon Pasundan

Pawon Pasundan

Have you ever tried the authentic Sundanese cuisine – the food from West Java? This is your chance! 100% halal food and a wonderful setting for a dinner with your loved ones. Even though Pawon Pasundan is in the busy Tuban area of ​​Kuta, serenity and serenity prevail after entering this restaurant. You can sit in one of the bales around a calm pond with koi fish and splashing fountains. They were given menus with fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. You can also order the dishes separately and, like a traditional Indonesian instinct, enjoy everything together.

2. Warunf Nikmat

Warunf Nikmat

The family restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch in Indonesian style. Homemade Javanese food, halal and delicious! The friendly ladies behind the display make your plate for you right in front of your eyes. Just point to the food that looks good for you and set off. Everything is halal, so don’t worry. Warung Nikmat is always full of locals, and you know where the locals go, the food is great and it’s cheap too.

3. The Halal Boys

The Halal Boys

The Halal Boys are a funky, trendy food truck that is based on the trendy Petitenget Road in the busiest part of the vibrant Seminyak. Its large yellow bus is easy to spot and the name already suggests that the food is 100% halal. Serve delicious Middle Eastern dishes such as lamb and / or chicken (yes, you can do both) over rice cooked with rich flavors and spices, the specific recipes of which remain secret. Not to be missed!

4. Queen’s Tandoor

Queen's Tandoor

Who is in the mood for incredibly delicious Indian food? You can wake me up in the middle of the night to get a taste of it! Certainly not the cheapest restaurant, but it is good and 100% halal. Queen’s Tandoor is located in various locations on the island. Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur, Ubud – in all these cities, find this restaurant and enjoy a delicious Indian feast with your loved ones. Richly flavored curries with meat, fish and vegetarian options, served with saffron rice and / or Indian naan bread. Delicious!

5. Nyoman Cafe

Nyoman Cafe

One of Bali’s most famous places to get fresh seafood is Jimbaran Bay. In the Nyoman Cafe you can sit by the sea and enjoy a delicious halal seafood menu under the sun or under the starry sky. You can find grilled fish, shrimp, squid, all the best from the sea here. If you like seafood – this is where the seafood festival begins to share with all of your friends and family.

6. Bale Udang Mang Engkin

Bale Udang Mang Engkin

This restaurant in Ubud and Kuta offers the perfect ambience for a long, delicious evening with your loved ones. Families can all sit together in one of the traditional bamboo bales that surround a peaceful koi fish pond. The menu features traditional Indonesian halal dishes. Dishes with seafood such as shrimps, red meat like beef, and white meat like chicken and duck are very delicious. The venue in Kuta even offers a playground for children where it never gets boring and parents can spend a long romantic evening together.

7. Warung Bunana

Warunf Nikmat

Authentic Malay Indian cuisine, made by some Roti-Canai master chefs. Inexpensive, super tasty and halal certified. Warung Bunana is a great little place to have lunch or dinner. Dip the bread in the mutton, chicken or vegetable curry, take a sip of tarik and add some yellow Indian rice. Try one of Roti Canai’s sweet treats with chocolate, peanuts, banana, apple and cinnamon and / or condensed milk for dessert. You are good!

8. Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Mangku

Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Mangku

Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Ibu Mangku is the right place for those who want to eat authentic Balinese food 100% halal and with the right amount of chilli. If you want to increase your tolerance for spicy food, enjoy a couple of meals at this restaurant. After a while, you can’t get enough of these little green and red chillies that will set you on fire first. You get a large plate of white rice, chicken, egg and chilli and it only costs Rp. 35,000.

9. Raja’s Balinese Restaurant

Raja's Balinese restaurant

High quality Balinese cuisine awaits you in the Balinese restaurant Raja in Nusa Dua. This chic and stylish award-winning restaurant serves delicious, authentic Balinese cuisine and is invitingly presented in small portions like the Balinese Rijsttafel. Great for a nice evening with friends. The food is halal and you can also sign up for a Balinese cooking class if you want to learn all the tips and tricks of Balinese cuisine.

10. Falafel House Bali

Falafel House Bali

Vegetarian, halal and delicious falafel balls, served with garlic dip, hummus and vegetables, wrapped in pita bread. Who wouldn’t want to get a bite of it? This falafel bar is also a great place for a late evening snack as it is open until 1am and is also a healthy snack.

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