Berlin, the capital of Germany, is also home to a melting pot of different cultures and cuisines, and tourists should definitely try traditional German dishes such as schnitzel and bratwurst as well as international dishes such as Indian and Oriental cuisine. Even with dietary restrictions like a halal diet, tourists are still spoiled for choice. Below are 10 of the best halal restaurants in Berlin.

1. Baraka Egyptian – Moroccan Restaurant

Baraka Egyptian - Moroccan Restaurant

The Baraka Egyptian – Moroccan Restaurant is a restaurant in central Berlin that specializes in traditional Moroccan cuisine. Enjoy traditional dishes with friends and family in the cozy setting with brown motifs and round tables that are perfect for sharing dishes. Options such as Moroccan salads and cheese are available for the health conscious.

2. Risa Chicken

Risa Chicken

Risa Chicken is a halal certified facility specializing in fried chicken. Customers who are looking for good, hearty food, which is also halal, can drop in with friends and family. The restaurant’s other specialties include sweet potato fries with hummus dip and fried chicken burgers.

3. Voson Bilash

Voson Bilash

Voson Bilash is a cozy halal-certified house that sells traditional Bangladeshi cuisine. All dishes offered here are halal dishes, including lamb and vegetable curries, biriyanis and samosas. Voson Bilash is popular with many German locals and tourists alike and is a must for tourists looking for authentic Bangladeshi cuisine.

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4. Baba Angora Restaurant

Baba Angora Restaurant

The Baba Angora restaurant has been awarded many excellent reviews by Muslim guests for its excellent Turkish cuisine. Main dishes include the Turkish grill, Turkish meatballs and a large selection of cheeses that are served as an appetizer. Travelers can also choose from a wide selection of wines and beers to complement their meal.

5. Delhi Palace

Delhi Palace

The Delhi Palace serves traditional Indian cuisine until 11:00 p.m. After a long day of sightseeing and shopping, it’s the perfect late night stopover. If you want to eat in Delhi you can also deliver to your home. Delhi Palace is a family-run restaurant that serves excellent butter-chicken curry and Biriyani rice. It is halal certified.

6. Yarok


The Yarok is a Syrian restaurant with a halal certificate and vegetarian cuisine. Customers can try their homemade mutabel falafel, spinach rolls, yogurt and mint drinks at affordable prices. The owner of Yarok comes from Damascus, the capital of Syria, and channels his childhood memories of eating traditional Syrian dishes on every plate.

7. Adam Restaurant

Adam Restaurant

Adam Restaurant is a cozy Halal-certified restaurant that serves traditional Arabic dishes such as shawarma, also known as a fried sandwich, falafel plate meatballs and fahita, grilled meat with various sauces. For those who crave western cuisine, the Adam Restaurant also serves cheeseburgers, fish burgers and fries. The Adam restaurant is open around the clock and is perfect for a late evening stop after a long day of sightseeing.

8. Hasir Middle

Hasir Middle

Hasir Mitte is known both in Berlin and internationally as a Turkish restaurant that serves excellent grilled meat. This hotel is child-friendly and offers high chairs on request. This makes it a great place for family dinners. It is a halal restaurant and was recognized as one of the “six best-known restaurants in Berlin”. Hasir Mitte is located in the heart of Berlin and is therefore ideal for sightseeing tours through downtown Berlin.

9. Burger Zone


BurgerZone serves delicious fast food with an innovative selection of different burgers, from classic cheeseburgers to chili cheeseburgers. The staff are friendly and many speak at least basic English. This makes this hotel perfect for international travelers who don’t have a good understanding of German. BugerZone only offers halal meat.

10. Zam Zam Restaurant

Zam Zam Restaurant

The Zam Zam Restaurant serves traditional Pakistani cuisine with a twist. As a Halal-certified restaurant, Zam Zam is popular with many Pakistani-German locals and is particularly known for its delicious samosas, naans and other types of bread. Zam Zam is centrally located in Berlin and is open daily until 11:00 p.m. This is the perfect stopover for tourists looking for excellent Pakistani dishes.

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