Madrid, Spain, is the largest cosmopolitan city in the country with a diverse population. In a city with 3.3 million inhabitants, there are of course a large number of restaurants, including those that are halal-friendly. Read our list below to find out about delicious options that will make you dream of your next meal while sticking to the halal diet. Here are the best halal restaurants in Madrid, Spain.

1. Aladino


The Moroccan and Mediterranean restaurant Aladino imitates an Arabic country house in terms of cuisine and aesthetics. With delicious Moroccan cuisine such as lamb couscous, chicken tajine and barbecue kebab, genuine Arabian hospitality is evident in the Aladino. The popular belly dance shows are held on Friday and Saturday evenings, while tastings and specials take place daily. At affordable prices, expect around EUR 25 (USD 28.23) for a two-course meal, excluding drinks (Aladino serves alcohol). This halal restaurant with a friendly, warm ambience and homemade food lets you plan your next return now.

2. Taste of India

. Indian flavor

Colorful and delicious dishes are available at Taste of India, an Indian restaurant in central Madrid that only serves halal dishes. The dishes on offer include: chicken madras, sheep kebab, beef tika vindaloo and lamb korma, to name just a few examples from the extensive menu. With fresh ingredients and spice blends that bring the food to life, Taste of India is a wonderful culinary stroll into the culture of India. Large groups are welcome and delivery is possible. If you book your table reservation online, you will receive a current 20% discount this month.

3. Bombay Palace

Bombay Palace

The Bombay Palace is a rough diamond that is popular with both observing halal practices and vegetarians. With a special lunch price of 10 EUR (11.30 USD) you can dine on three courses and one drink! Check out the Karai Masala with lamb, chicken tandoori and delicious curries. All spice levels can be accommodated on request. A friendly staff makes Bombay Palace endearing, as well as affordable prices.

4. Indian flavor

Taste of India

Do you smell the tempting spice clouds from here? We can. The Savory Indian aroma offers authentic North Indian food, ranging from home-made Naan to Biriyanis, and everything in between. A tandoori cooks meat perfectly and every plate is made to order. Indian Aroma-free halal and gluten-free visitors can feel good about the ingredients they enjoy.

5. Restaurante La Libanesa

Restaurante La Libanesa

La Libanesa restaurant is a Lebanese restaurant that offers halal dishes such as chicken skewers, falafel, kefta kebab and fattoush. La Libanesa offers fresh ingredients to order and is an alternative to fast food before the high meal times at night. Although La Libanesa has a smoking area in front of the restaurant, it is possible to stay away from the smoke. End your meal with “red” tea (also known as black tea) and you will sing a happy tune.

6. Restaurante Al Mounia

. Restaurante Al Mounia

Breathtaking Moroccan decor and delicious halal cuisine await you at Al Mounia. Get fit for a sultan and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings, built by Moroccan artisans in 1966-1969 and paying tribute to Islamic art and architecture. The menu includes pastella, a North African specialty, couscous and tagine. For a special occasion, try Mechoui, a whole lamb grilled on the grill! Weddings and large groups are welcome. Plan your celebration in the very special Al Mounia. Expect a bit more money for the all-round experience of a night journey into the magic of the Maghreb.

7. City kebab

City kebab

The City Kebab offers delicious Mediterranean and Turkish dishes, from Shish Tawook to doner kebabs, all made from Halal ingredients. The City Kebab is great for a quick, healthy lunch and is an oasis of authentic food in an area full of tourist traps. Affordable, clean, and with plenty of servings for the price, City Kebab is a great choice. Try the famous yogurt sauce cacik with pita for a real Turkish experience.

8. Alzahara


The Alzahara is an authentic Arabic restaurant in Madrid’s Islamic Cultural Center. Create halal dishes that reflect the cultures of the Middle East and North Africa, and enjoy unique dishes like carrot salad with pineapple (al-alzahara salad), ½ roasted lamb, and main dishes from Palestine, Saudi Arabia, and the Maghreb. After lunch, head to the Alzahara cafeteria next door to top off the meal with mint tea or Arabic coffee.

9. Tierra de Especias Halal

Tierra de Especias Halal

Tierra de Especias Halal, which serves Indian / Pakistani cuisine, is a great option if you are looking for Halal foods. A highly esteemed hotel that pampers enthusiastic regulars with curries, chana masala and samosas. Bright and cheerful, the Tierra de Especias Halal kitchen will fill your stomach and soul. Order online for fast delivery.

10. Alhambra


The Taberna La Alhambra serves Andalusian food, ranging from tapas to more sophisticated dishes like oxtail. Unique dishes like fried goat cheese with blueberry sauce are unique in the Alhambra. A daily changing menu is offered. For EUR 15 you get a starter, a main course, a dessert and a drink. Although Alhambra is Halal, pork is served, so please be careful when ordering. In the Alhambra, which is popular with tourists and locals alike, there is something for everyone.

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