Halal food is not difficult to find in Singapore, and delicious halal dishes are definitely ubiquitous. We have selected the 10 best Muslim-friendly restaurants for you, where you can dine from Eastern to lavish cuisine.

1. Wanderlost Lounge

Wanderlost Lounge

“Not everyone who wanders around is lost,” says the Wanderlost Lounge in the CBD. The idea behind Atap Bar, The Halal Mixologist, opens this cocktail spot in the middle of the skyscrapers. Inspired by classic books like Harry Potter, The Little Prince and much more, the Wanderlost Lounge shakes a thunderstorm of refreshing mocktails that perfectly match the unique concept and location of the lounge. Combine your storybook drinks with snacks such as the grilled Cajun shrimp ($ 12) or the Argentine beef fillet ($ 16).

2. The Mad Sailors

the mad sailors singapore

Fancy British classics like Bangers & Mash or Fish & Chips? Visit the Mad Sailors Cave in the heart of Haji Lane. From the same guys who gave us (working title), Afterwit, Tipo and The Co-Op, The Mad Sailors conjure up a good old Britsh-Grub with a touch of Singapore. Enjoy the typical London with a touch of Singapore from the classic English breakfast ($ 23.90) to Masala Fish & Chips ($ 17.90).

3. The Royals Steakhouse

the royal steakhouse singapore

Who would have thought that a pastry shop would go into the steak business? The Royals Steakhouse was founded by the Royals Cafe group and conjures up delicious steaks from Australia and New Zealand at affordable prices (from USD 26). Seasoned with salt and pepper, these prime cuts are combined with sauces that increase taste and sensation.

4. After Wit

afterwit singapore

To give us another great dining experience, the minds behind (working title) worked with The Methodology Works and opened Afterwit for crazy, good Mexican snacks and refreshing drinks. Try a variety of their tacos, from Pulled Beef ($ 12.90) to Cajun Spiced Chicken ($ 12.90). Vegetarian? Do not be afraid, Afterwit also offers tasty vegetarian dishes like the taco with black beans, corn and mushrooms and the tacos with grilled eggplants (both $ 12.90). Quench your thirst with a vanilla horchata ($ 9.90) or crowd favorite Jungfrau Lychee Mojito ($ 9.90).

5. Italian Restaurant Kucina

kucina italian restaurant SINGAPORE

Authentic Italian restaurants in Singapore? There are a few. Authentic Italian halal restaurants? It is more difficult to come. At Kucina, it’s all about quality. Enjoy hearty Italian dishes such as risotto, pizza and the wide selection of pasta dishes. Highlights include the Gnocchi Quattro Formaggi ($ 24) and the Risotto de Seppia ($ 22).

6. Fatburger


This iconic burger stand from Hollywood is finally on its way to Singapore and brings its brand with fresh, authentic and delicious offers – and it’s Halal!

7. Yi Zun Beef Noodle


Despite its name, you can also try a whole range of Halal Sichuan dishes in Yi Zun Beef Noodle. Despite the sumptuous decor – similar to typical Chinese family restaurants – the menu at Yi Zun is fully Halal certified. Aside from the noodles (which are of course still their specialty), Muslim guests can try dishes like Suan Cai Yu (pickled vegetable fish), Xinjiang lamb skewers, and more.

8. Chix Hot Chicken

chix hot chicken SINGAPOREDo you think all American fried chicken is just KFC? You got it wrong. The Nashville-style chicken is absolutely spicy. Nashville Hot Chicken is usually pickled in buttermilk, fried and topped with a heavy use of cayenne pepper (often in the form of magical pepper oil) and other spices such as garlic and peppers. Curious? Save the plane ticket to Merica, you can get some on Arab Street.

9. Yassin Kampung

yassin kampung SINGAPORE

Yassin Kampung, a popular family restaurant, had humble beginnings before going to some branches in Singapore. The menu has also expanded since then and now contains many local favorites such as hot plate dishes and even mala, but also experiment a little with interesting dishes such as durian chicken.

10. Tipo

TIPOThe name Tipo comes from the wheat flour variety (‘Doppio Zero’ or ‘Granero Tero’) in Italy, which is used to produce pasta that feels smooth and silky. In the Tipo Pasta Bar, only high-quality ingredients are used for the handmade noodles that are made in the shop. From dill and lemon fettuccine to saffron fusilli, everything is made from scratch.

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