The three strangest reactions to corona virus


Since the COVID-19, corona virus, people around the world have taken drastic steps to minimize the spread of the disease. Here are the top three crazy things people in different countries have done:

1. Over 40 people have been killed in alcohol poisoning in Iran to protect themselves against corona virus

Alcohol bottle Iran

Iranian media reports that at least 44 people died from alcohol poisoning and hundreds were hospitalized after consuming alcohol to treat the coronavirus.

2. Toilet paper crisis in Australia

Toilet paper in Australia

Australians are facing a national shortage of toilet paper caused by the coronavirus crisis. The police confirmed that they were called to a supermarket in Sydney to correct “an aisle problem”. The media said the authorities then cordon off the toilet paper shelves.

3. Elbow shaking

Elbow shake inside

The rules of politeness are reversed during corona virus outbreak. Gestures that involve touch and usually convey affection or warmth are replaced by distance – which in its way conveys care. All over the world, authorities are encouraging citizens to avoid unnecessarily close personal contact, as all types of coronaviruses can easily be spread through skin-to-skin contact.

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