The breathtaking city of Vienna in Austria is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in all of Europe. On the banks of the Danube are some of the most fascinating landscapes you will ever find. This is a magical city with lots to see and do. Baroque palaces and stately museums are only part of the magic. You can also ride a ferris wheel in the city center or just walk along the river. Vienna is also famous for its food, with a large selection for every visitor. If you want to eat Halal food, there are a number of restaurants that meet these requirements. Below is a list of the best Halal restaurants in Vienna, Austria. Try them out and prepare yourself for a culinary experience you will always remember.

1. Restaurant Türkis Mariahilf

Restaurant Türkis Mariahilf

This restaurant is located in the trendy Mariahilf district of the city and is the ideal place if you are looking for a fast food experience that does not compromise on taste. All dishes, from Wienerschnitzel to a range of kebabs and falafels, are halal certified. The restaurant is a culinary experience that will enrich your time in Vienna. It’s also close to the city’s best boutiques, making it a great place to eat after a long day of shopping.

2. Quicky’s


The list of burgers on the menu at Quicky’s leaves you spoiled for choice, but don’t worry – they’re all good, and as you will see when you step through the door, the portions are also remarkable. You can enjoy a chicken burger alone or, if you feel brave, try something with a little more spice – the restaurant’s special sauce is quite appealing. Guests will be reassured to know that there is a wide selection of halal delicacies on the menu. They also serve a falafel wrap that’s so delicious you’ll want to keep coming back. There is also a selection of soft drinks.

3. Sababa Restaurant

Sababa Restaurant

“Sababa” is a word used in Israeli slang with Arabic roots and means “great” or “super”. This is probably the opinion that you are expressing about the food on the menu here, which covers a wide and varied range. The halal selection includes wraps and tasty options such as falafel, baba ganoush and doner. Eastern delicacies round off the menu and offer a quick option for lunch or dinner from a restaurant that is considered a Viennese institution.

4. Apadana Restaurant

Apadana Restaurant

The Apadana is a Persian restaurant on Hamburgerstrasse. It is known in the area for its welcoming and cozy ambience with large sofas and traditional decor. It’s also popular with locals for its menu, which is filled with essential options like kebabs, fish, and sweet Zereschk Polow. The halal-centered menu is filled with appetizing and affordable food. Eating in this restaurant is one of the highlights of your time in Vienna.

5. Ali’s Grill

Ali's Grill

In this fine restaurant in Operngasse, you can rely on a delicious Turkish dining experience with a large selection of options with a flame grill. Of particular note are the kofte, seasoned minced meat rolls, which are perfectly prepared over charcoal flames. The menu is perfect for halal-minded guests who appreciate the extraordinary richness of the selection. They also have some of the best hummus you can find in town, as well as some specialties like Pacanga Boregi, a pastry package with cheese and pastrami.

6. Bahçe


This quaint restaurant in the southeast of the city offers a menu that is known and accessible to halal and non-halal guests alike, with pizza, burgers, and grilled dishes popular with its loyal customers. One of the most fascinating dishes is a Bolognese pizza, which combines two Italian classics with the use of homemade Bolognese sauce. Grilled burgers with a selection of salads and sauces as well as Turkish kebab and kuzu tandir will definitely bring you back.

7. Asala Halal Food

Asala Halal Food

Located in Alserstrasse, near the University of Vienna, you will be amazed by the Asala flavor options on offer, while the prices will amaze you (in a divine way, don’t worry!) Other, this is a restaurant that gives you high quality Meals and an inviting dining experience. Delicious warm sandwiches for meat eaters and vegetarians, handmade traditional bread and a range of digestive teas, including hibiscus and peppermint, are available in affordable prices in a stunning area of ​​the city.

8. Indien Village Restaurant

. Indien Village Restaurant

For guests who want to enjoy the best range of curries in Vienna, there are few contenders near the delicacies of India Village. Here you will find a delicious, relaxed ambience and many perfectly prepared dishes for meat eaters and vegetarians – the latter will be particularly pleased with the Patak Paneer, while the meat dishes cover the spice range from Korma to Vindaloo. The meals on this menu are prepared to Halal standards, which is reassuring for attentive guests. All of this can be combined with breads and mounds of fluffy basmati rice, followed by traditional desserts such as Gulab Jamun and Kulfi.

9. Hafes


With a menu that changes daily, Hafes is a Persian restaurant that you are always happy to return to to try the varied menu with specialties. Here you will find an extensive selection of halal dishes that you are sure to please. Delicious spiced lamb is a special highlight of the menu, and koftes and kebabs are among the best dishes on offer. The lunch menu, available from 12 noon to 3 p.m., is an all-you-can-eat buffet that costs you less than a simple meal in most of the region’s fast food restaurants.

10. Nayeb


The Nayeb is one of the upscale Persian restaurants in Vienna and offers a relaxed atmosphere and first-class food that is served in large portions. Every dish is prepared according to Halal requirements and perfectly prepared by experienced chefs. A lunch buffet is the best time for you as you can try different options here. Long strips of minced meat, called soltani, are a treat, while the delicious vegetarian experience that is Mirze Gghasemi is also very popular.

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