If you’ve been to the tourist center of Amsterdam, you’ve probably noticed that the Dutch love kebab more than just too much. You will find several cafes, food stalls and restaurants serving falafel, Turkish kebab and kebab, especially within the canal rings. However, not all of them are Halal certified, as many of them serve alcohol, even if their meat is Halal. Below is the list of Halal restaurants in Amsterdam:

1. Eetcafe Noumidia

Eetcafe Noumidia

Eetcafe Noumidia is a Moroccan restaurant that only serves halal meat and no alcohol on the menu. It is particularly recommended in local Moroccan forums.

2. Meram


Meram is a chain of Turkish halal restaurants in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The award is given for being the first to open an alcohol-free restaurant in the Netherlands.

3. Halal Roast Chicken

Halal Roast Chicken

Halal Fried Chicken is on the label, a fast food chain with three restaurants in Amsterdam. They offer the usual buckets of roast chicken, wings, nuggets and some beef products.

4. Mesken Restaurant

Mesken Restaurant

The Mesken restaurant is a Turkish eatery popular with families in East Amsterdam. They have a cheap breakfast buffet for € 7 per person and an evening buffet for € 15 per person.

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5. Star BBQ

Star BBQ

Star BBQ is an Iraqi restaurant with great bread and grilled meat straight from the coal oven. It is located on the popular Javastraat in the east of the city.

6. MOZO Restaurant

MOZO Restaurant

Restaurant MOZO is a Moroccan restaurant where the tagine dishes are highly recommended. They have an interesting selection of hot and cold tapas and couscous served in the traditional Moroccan way. They even serve Bastilla, the hearty Moroccan pastry, but not with a pigeon. At the weekend, high tea is offered for groups of at least 4 to 6 people.

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7. Porto Marina

Porto Marina

The Porto Marina serves seafood and tapas. The quantity is great and staff is awesome. You are in the west of Amsterdam on the lively Kinkerstraat. They open another branch further west of the city.

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