Auckland is a multicultural city with the easiest access to Muslim-friendly restaurants in New Zealand. While you can enjoy a variety of dishes from the Middle East to Portuguese, Italian, Indian, Chinese and Malay, the fresh ingredients and quality of products that are widely used in the country are crucial to cooking. Below is the list of top 9 Halal restaurants in Auckland:

1. Uncle Man’s Restaurant & Snack

. Uncle Man's Restaurant & Snack

Uncle Man’s Restaurant & Takeaway is an authentic family run business on K Road that offers everything you’d expect from Malaysian cuisine. You won’t go wrong with freshly made roti canai and murtabak. Try beef rendang, biryani rice, curry laksa, penang laksa, chicken rice, mee rebus or coconut rice. With Halal Chinese dishes, you won’t be disappointed with Mee Hoon soup, flat rice noodles with sauce, Wonton soup or Char Kuey Teow. If you’re looking for western food, they also offer burgers, chicken schnitzel, steak, fish, and fries. Affordable prices in a simple but clean environment that satisfy any craving for home-made Malaysian dishes

2. Mamak Malaysian restaurant

Mamak Malaysian restaurant

Mamak Malaysian Restaurant is located on the elegant cobblestone streets of Chancery Square in the heart of Auckland’s business district. They use halal meat on the menu. Exotic Malaysian cuisine (mix of Malay, Indian and Chinese) such as spicy beef rendang, Char Kway Teow, coconut fragrant rice, Kuay Teow Mee soup, curry chicken hor fun and seafood is regularly served in the local media, Laksa or “Mamak” Mee Goreng. In addition to typical Murtabak, Roti-Canai and Satay dishes, fried leek dumplings, spicy crabs and grilled sambal shrimps are also available. They are open for lunch or dinner and you can choose to sit inside or outside while you rinse the meal off with the tarik (sparkling tea or infused tea) or iced coffee. A nice place to rest after exploring nearby Albert Park and the meandering High Streets neighborhood. Be aware that this is a fully licensed restaurant. Therefore, expect to drink alcohol locally.

3. Nickie’s Thai restaurant

. Nickie's Thai restaurant

Nickie’s Thai Restaurant is an established and one of the city’s oldest Thai restaurants, popular with locals. They pride themselves on serving fully seasoned Thai dishes with traditional recipes and quality ingredients, except for the halal meat. You will encounter delicious Thai delicacies such as Massaman lamb, steamed whole snapper, tamarind snapper, roasted duck, sizzling beef and BBQ chicken. Visit us for lunch or dinner after a stroll along beautiful Parnell Road to dine in a traditionally decorated restaurant. Please note that this is a fully licensed restaurant, which means that alcohol is served in the restaurant.

4. Popas Pretzel

Popas pretzel

Popas Pretzel offers freshly prepared pretzels in a traditional way or with a filling of hearty dishes or sweets. You will not be disappointed by the unmistakable pretzels – try the classic kiwi made from cheese and marmit or the Arabic twist cream cheese & zaatar. Aside from these, there are pretzel dogs, cakes, and Banh Mi pretzels. If you have not previously eaten Manak (Arabic flatbread), they are served from meat to vegan toppings. Get Lebanese ground beef with pomegranate and herbs, or a pretzel dog to recharge your batteries to explore the city.

5. Little Algiers Cafe

Little Algiers Cafe

The Little Algiers Café owned by Jamaldeen offers a warm and hospitable experience in a very relaxed atmosphere to satisfy your breakfast and lunch. You will be welcomed by Algerians with a French flair. The authentic African and Mediterranean menu items await you in the shop so that you can enjoy the generous portions. The all-day breakfast includes Eggs Benedict (on a rösti or a roasted bagel), spicy bean cassoulet and a large Algerian breakfast. For lunch you can order from a wide range of burgers and wraps, but we couldn’t help but like the Little Algiers Mezze ((garlic pita, feta cheese, olives, hummus, boiled eggs and homemade dips). Drink a cup of espresso before returning to stroll the hip and artful K Road.

6. Celine Mediterranean Cuisine

Celine Mediterranean cuisine

Celine Mediterranean Cuisine is a restaurant in the cozy surroundings of the Middle East, near the Sky Tower. The authentic menu offers comfort dishes with a solid taste from the Eastern Mediterranean, such as Shakshuka, Bamya (lamb and okra roast), grilled Halloumi and Kofta in Tahini or tomatoes. Either washed down with mint tea and then a little longer for a shisha treat, this could be one of your unforgettable evenings in Auckland.

7. Betsia Kebabs & Chargrilled Burgers

Betsia Kebabs & Chargrilled Burgers

Betsia Kebabs & Chargrilled Burgers appeared in the local travel guide Metro: The Best Cheap Eats in Auckland 2012. They offer a good portion and friendly service on a street behind Upper Queen Street. They pride themselves on using fresh local ingredients, hand-made sauces and meat that have been pickled according to a special recipe. Kebabs are all about Cajun chicken, Adana, Souvlaki, Chicken Satay or chili lovers. With grilled burgers, you will find that the beef burger is made from 100% premium beef patties that are mixed by hand with fresh ingredients. Try the blue cheese, camembert or avocado burger. Here you can also enjoy a curry flair, as it serves rice dishes such as buttered chicken, tender lamb curry and chicken curry. Enjoy your Turkish apple tea or latte before continuing your tour of Auckland.

8. Revive Vegan Cafe

Revive Vegan Cafe

This fresh, healthy, and healthy joint was spearheaded after a couple returned to Auckland from a healthy retreat. This vegetarian oasis could be your cleansing after all the kebabs you’ve consumed. Please check the menu as you can try Russian stroganoff one day or Mexican chili beans the next day. A healthy dessert awaits you – how about an almond-cocoa brownie or a plum-ginger slice? The hotel is in a good downtown location on quiet streets where you can relax.

9. Raw Power Cafe

Raw Power Cafe

Whether vegetarian or not, the Raw Power Cafe convinces with its generous portion and the self-service concept at the salad bar. Open for breakfast, you will discover a rich vegetable breakfast, Benedict eggs, omelette, tofu scrambled eggs and lemon pancakes. For lunch there are tofu burgers, falafel pita bags, tofu hash mushrooms or pumpkin and corn fritters. This little café is in the heart of the city and is the perfect place to relax with a healthy kale smoothie or beetroot latte.

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