Azerbaijan’s largest city is full of history and culture. Discover the following restaurants in Baku with a selection of traditional, Eastern European and international dishes at surprisingly affordable prices.

1. Chinar


A great restaurant with an Asian selection. The service is excellent, the food is incredible and beautifully decorated. Seating takes place both indoors and outdoors. Your lounge is one of the best in town.

2. Italian restaurant Scalini

Italian restaurant Scalini

Nice hotel. There are two Scalini restaurants in Baku. One is near the Hyatt and the other is in one of the old buildings built after World War II and has a lot of character. The food is good here and the most popular is spaghetti and roast duck.

3. Café City Fountain

cafe city

CafeCity – a popular place for trendy people. A place where you can get everything, relaxed atmosphere, good mood and culinary pleasure. You can come to CafeCity for any occasion and in any mood: spend time with friends, have a romantic date, relax with your family or discuss business with partners. Carefully selected music will surely add to your time with us.

4. Sumakh


The Azerbaijani restaurant consists of a large room that is perfect for dining with family, friends or business meetings. Over the years, Sumakh has developed into a place for famous artists, politicians and guests of the city. The exquisitely selected interior, reflecting the old local traditions, creates a unique atmosphere of comfort, while the menu presented by the most famous chiefs offers you the full taste of Azerbaijani cuisine.

5. Anadolu


Anadolu is a chain of restaurants and is present in the number of places in Baku. The guests experience sophisticated, delicious and healthy food and learn about the best dishes of oriental and European cuisine

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6. Zest Lifestyle Cafe

Zest Lifestyle Cafe

The Zest Lifestyle Cafe is a first-class casual atmosphere where the tables look out into the open kitchen theater and offer a fantastic opportunity for lunch and dinner.

7. Nargiz Restaurant

Nargiz restaurant

This is one of the many good restaurants in the city. Here you will find a selection of favorite Azerbaijani dishes, properly prepared and at a reasonable price.

8. Sehirli Tendir

Sehirli Tendir

In addition to the old city wall, Sehirli is a very small place, only about six tables. The menu is Azerbaijani food and no alcohol is served in this restaurant.

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