Welcome to the land of smiles! In addition to the endless selection of shopping malls where you can spend your dollars.

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Thailand’s vibrant capital is also home to a diverse culinary scene. Who doesn’t really appreciate real halal food in Bangkok?

1. Nefertiti Restaurant


You can practically not miss them when large LEDs under a row of Egyptian flags flash their menu. The friendly staff often attracts you to this pan-Arabic dining room. Nefertiti, named after the ancient queen of beauty, serves Egyptian food for those who crave a crispy fried falafel or baba ganoush – a hummus-like dish made from crushed eggplants. Guests can watch shisha and people during the evening.

2. Bawarchi Indians

. Bawarchi Indians

There is no shortage of halal Indian food in Bangkok! Bawarchi Indian offers customers a variety of meats from chicken to lamb to seafood. The interior of the hotel is awesome. If you are a fan of creamy curry, look no further!

3. Mezbaan Restaurant

Mezbaan Restaurant

Mezbaan is the place to enjoy Sub Continent and Thai cuisines. With its selection of Sub Continental dishes and generous portions, this restaurant is perfect for filling your belly after a long day. The warm hospitality coupled with the reasonable prices makes this hotel a real value for money. Don’t miss the rice and house specialties!

4. Al-Hussain Restaurant

Al-Hussain Restaurant

Let yourself be greeted by a delicious selection of Indian and Arabic dishes and be recommended by Pappa, the friendly host. Freshly baked naan or fragrant biryani rice are just a few of the popular dishes that fill the stomach of satisfied customers. There is a lack of spices here in Al-Hussain!

5. Shahrazad Restaurant

Shahrazad Restaurant

The Shahrazad Restaurant is located in the Middle Eastern hub of Bangkok and serves an average Persian menu. The juicy kebabs, hummus, and lamb chops are more than enough to fortify you as you explore the bustling capital of Thailand. Be warned: the ambrosial smell of sizzling lamb ensures that you keep coming back.

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6. Hadramaut Al Yemen Restaurant

Hadramaut Al Yemen Restaurant

True to its name, Hadramaut serves Yemeni or Arabic cuisine. When you visit Hadramaut, you have to try the Nasi Mandi, which literally means “bathed” rice. Imagine the following: Biryani rice enriched with saffron with juicy pieces of chicken or pieces of mutton and a generous portion of curry.

7. Tomyam Paa Nga

Tomyam Paa Nga

When you are in Bangkok you have to indulge in the famous Thai cuisine. No prices for guessing the specialty of this snack! This modest street stall ensures that customers can try the authentic Tom Yam soup. Each bowl is filled with a generous portion of a spicy and hearty broth, fresh shrimp, octopus and a lot of mushrooms.

8. Al-Sana Restaurant

Al-Sana Restaurant

The main restaurant of the Al-Sana Hotel is surrounded by beautiful tourist attractions and serves a selection of Asian dishes, from Thai to Malaysian and Arabic to Sri Lankan, Pakistani and Indian cuisine. The extensive halal and fusion menu means that you may spend more time deciding than eating. Try the fried rice with Thai seafood or try the Keema Paratha.

9. Maedah Restaurant

Maedah Restaurant

The Maedah Restaurant offers Thai, Arabic and Turkish options to ensure guests are happy with their meals. Be sure to try the Thai steamed fish and combine your meals with the refreshing Thai iced tea!

10. Yana Restaurant


The Yana Restaurant is located in the large shopping center of the MBK Center and is ideal for buyers who want to rest after a shopping spree and want to fill their bellies. Here you can enjoy affordable and authentic Thai food! Are you always having trouble getting enough seats because your group is large? Don’t fret, this place is also perfect for travelers who come in large groups.

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