Top Halal Restaurants in Budapest, Hungary


Budapest is a beautiful European city that you should definitely visit. Finding a halal restaurant is not that difficult, especially if you are going on a downtown vacation. In this article, we share with you the 6 best halal restaurants in Budapest that you can go and enjoy a good halal meal.

1. Titiz Restaurant

Titiz Restaurant

Titiz is one of the best halal restaurants in Budapest that you can visit while on vacation in the city. This Turkish restaurant is run by a real Turk and is very popular with both tourists and locals. They are famous for their delicious chicken donor and Turkish tea. You should give it a try!

2. Al-Amir Restaurant

Al-Amir Restaurant

In addition to Turkish and Lebanese food, there is also Syrian halal food in Budapest! The best place to try Aleppo kebab, a minced lamb kebab, and the delicious hummus bairouti is the Al-Amir restaurant. When you enter the restaurant you will find how clean the hotel is and how friendly the staff are – definitely a great place to try during your vacation in Budapest!

3. Curry House

Curry House

The Curry House is also one of the best halal restaurants in Budapest serving delicious Indian food. This restaurant is not only halal-friendly, but also family-friendly. The room of the restaurant is quite large and the place is also well decorated. Above all, many previous customers praised their delicious chicken curry and butter chicken!

4. Bangla Bufe Premium

Bangla Bufe Premium

Another great halal restaurant in Budapest for Muslim travelers is the Bangla Bufe Premium Restaurant. Your food may look simple, but it is full of flavors! Here you can enjoy delicious Bangladeshi food such as pakoras, palak paneer and chicken tikka masala. However, the place is quite small. If you go there with the whole family, it is better to order a takeaway meal.

5. Szeraj Restaurant

. Szeraj Restaurant

Hot, fresh and tasty – these are some of the things you will enjoy when ordering your Halal Turkish food at Szeraj restaurant. It is one of the best halal restaurants in town! When you enter the restaurant you will see an extensive menu. Gyros, stews, salads, drinks and desserts are available from Szeraj! The best thing is that they are all cheap! We encourage you to try this place!

6. Mughal Shahi Restaurant

Mughal Shahi Restaurant

Mughal Shahi Restaurant is also one of the best halal restaurants in Budapest that Muslim travelers should try! The chicken biryani tastes so good and so does the tikka masala. When you dine in this halal Pakistani restaurant, don’t forget to try the naan bread – it’s light and served hot. It is a great place to have lunch or dinner in Budapest. You should try this restaurant!

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