Recently, some members of the Platform Project and I made it our business to try out dining options in Calgary. It was an excuse to eat a lot of good food together and call it work. After trying many different fantastic restaurants, we picked our 10 most popular halal locations in Calgary, Canada:

1. Jerusalem Shawarma

Jerusalem Shawarma

One of the many things we loved about Jerusalem was the friendly and helpful staff who created a wonderful and welcoming atmosphere. In addition to the great service, the food was incredible, from fresh salads to tender meat. Whatever you order, it will be full of taste. Our recommendation would be the beef shawarma with perfectly marinated meat that goes perfectly with crispy vegetables. You are guaranteed to come back to get more. With locations across the city, you always have a great opportunity!

2. Faisal Kabab Hut

Faisal Kabab Hut

If you like authentic, fresh Pakistani dishes, Faisal’s Kabab Hut is the restaurant you should visit. With a warm and welcoming staff and a beautiful, relaxed interior, you will feel at home. From delicious vegetarian dishes to delicious curries, Faisal offers a menu that satisfies every customer! If you decide to visit this wonderful house, we recommend ordering from the Tandoori grill list, especially chicken tikka, a spicy and tender dish that’s perfectly flavored and incredibly filling.

3. Cedars Deli

Cedars Deli

Cedars Deli is great for many reasons, including the food and great customer service! The menu is wonderful, with a large selection of crispy, fresh vegetables and delicious, tender meat and delicious desserts. Aside from their halal meat, the falafel wrap is a must; tasty and perfectly paired with dip and pita bread, it will not only satisfy your cravings, it will always bring you back to get more!

4. Pho Daddy

Pho Daddy

Pho Daddy is proud to have been recognized as the best pho restaurant in Calgary. If you get an impression of your Pho, you will understand why! With an inviting and cool interior that welcomes you, the real treasure lies in the menu, with which customers can perfectly design their own photo. The Pho Daddy also offers freshly made broth from its own production, which is served with various types of halal meat and delicious side dishes. This restaurant has a dish for every taste you desire! The dishes here are so individual that it is actually a bit difficult to make a recommendation, but we promise that you will definitely love it, no matter how you choose to decorate your dish!

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5. Jimmy’s A&A Deli

Jimmy's A&A Deli

Jimmy is a favorite among Calgary’s teenagers, and it’s no surprise why; With incredible staff and an incredible selection of fresh foods, it’s not difficult to win customers over. Jimmy’s offers authentic Mediterranean food that has been cooked perfectly for 28 years. For our readers, we recommend Chicken Shawarma, a delicious and juicy Shawarma wrap with fresh toppings and wonderfully slowly roasted chicken. No matter what you eat at Jimmy’s A & A Deli, you will always be satisfied.

6. Flipp’n Burger

Flipp'n Burger

Flipp’n Burgers has been an important part of Calgary for many years and has been awarded for their excellent dishes and excellent customer service! One of the many ways that Flipp’n Burgers has demonstrated his love and dedication to his customers has been to provide accommodations during Ramadan and keep them open for the morning meal, a wonderful touch that was greatly appreciated! From the menu we recommend the Flipp’n Burger, made from Albertaner beef, perfectly seasoned and refined with a fantastic Flipp’n sauce. This burger will make you beg for more!

7. Little Lebanon

. Little Lebanon

Little Lebanon is a favorite in the Calgary community and has earned a place on our list of the 10 best halal restaurants in Calgary. With its excellent quality, great service and wonderful atmosphere, it’s no surprise! The wraps are huge and the last bite is as tasty as the first. You can really taste the quality, hard work and dedication that goes into the food here! From the wonderful menu, we can recommend the kafta platter, a dish served with two perfectly seasoned kafta kabobs, fresh Lebanese salad, saffron-flavored rice and delicious garlic potatoes!

8. The Village of Flatbread CO.

The village of Flatbread CO

The Village Flatbread Company is a Calgarian favorite for many reasons, from their exquisite menu of fine, fresh, regional and organic ingredients to their wonderful customer service. In addition to the amazing quality that is offered, the village shop bread also offers a vegan and gluten-free menu and is loved by vegans and non-vegans alike. From the menu we recommend the redstone pizza with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, which is covered with a wonderful balsamic glaze.

9. Damascus Fine Mediterranean Foods

Damascus Fine Mediterranean Foods

The owners of Damascus Fine Mediterranean Foods are part of what we love. With their friendly service, you can find that they put their heart into their work and always ensure that their food is first class for the consumer. The only thing that outshines the service is the food, which has an interesting and delicious interpretation of the traditional kebab! From the menu we recommend Chicken Shawarma Poutine, an incredible dish with a great twist!

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10. Zaika Biryani House

Zaika Biryani House

Biryani, a typical dish from Southeast Asia, which has different flavors, bright colors and delicious scents from recipe to recipe. The Zaika Biryani House mastered the dish in all its many variations and offered its customers the authentic taste of homemade Biryani at an incredibly low price! With so many incredible menu options, you may find it hard to order a little of everything! We recommend Biryani mutton, a delicious dish and an absolute must!

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