Canberra has a reputation for becoming a cultural melting pot with a variety of dining options that reflect these trends, from traditional Malaysian delights to modern Turkish offerings. Here are just a few of the great halal-friendly restaurants in town.

1. Roti House

Roti House

Roti House serves authentic Malaysian Roti and Hawker cuisine in Canberra city center. Try the scaly Malaysian-style roti bread, which is freshly prepared on site and served with sambal and curries or even as a dessert. Note that alcohol is on the menu at Roti House.

2. Ottoman Cuisine

. Ottoman Cuisine

Ottoman is an icon of Canberra and a must for any foodie who visits the city. The most awarded restaurant in Canberra, Ottoman, is known for its wide selection of fresh local produce, the exciting use of seafood and its gourmet tasting menu. Please note that alcoholic beverages are included in the drinks menu.

3. Turkish Halal Pide House

Turkish Halal Pide House

The family-owned and run Turkish Halal Pide House offers an extensive menu of dishes inspired by Turkish cuisine, with pides being the specialty. This is a 100% Halal owned restaurant.

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4. Darbar


The Darbar serves authentic Indian cuisine in Canberra’s vibrant Braddon district. The hotel is on lively Lonsdale Street. The service at the Darbar is friendly and the dishes are prepared and prepared with care and attention. Note that alcoholic drinks are served in this restaurant.

5. PappaRich


The PappaRich at Canberra Center, Canberra’s main shopping district, serves authentic and delicious Malaysian cuisine. The carefully prepared dishes always deliver a hint of taste and color thanks to the use of an authentic mixture of herbs, spices and fresh products, which are prepared according to traditional recipes. Try the typical dishes of PappaRich such as Nasi Lemak with curry chicken and sambal shrimp, chicken curry laksa and ABC (ice kacang).

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6. Abell’s Kopi Tiam

Abell's Kopi Tiam

Near Manuka Oval, home of the Australian Football League (AFL), Abells Kopi Tiam offers authentic Malay Chinese flavors (Nyonya) with lots of interesting culinary experiments. Abell’s Kopi Tiam offers a wide range of Malay, Chinese, Nyonyan, Indonesian and other innovative Asian dishes for vegetarians and vegans. Please note that pork is not offered in this restaurant. Alcoholic dishes are available as part of the drinks menu.

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