The Muslims have different ethnic backgrounds and so there are a variety of halal dishes in Frankfurt. Muslim visitors can find Indian, Pakistani, Turkish and Mediterranean restaurants all over the city. However, it is best to check the authenticity of the halal food before dining in a restaurant.

Here is the list of the best halal restaurants in Frankfurt am Main:

1. Chicken House

Chicken House

Only a block away from Frankfurt Central Station is this famous chicken restaurant. The staff is nice and patient with the influx of guests. Ordered a combination plate with chicken drumsticks and fries (chicken drumsticks menu) for less than € 5. Nice little thing is that they don’t charge you extra for sauces. They ask you if you want ketchup, mayo, or both, and give you generous help. Also on the menu: turkey thighs, rice, sausages and burgers.

2. Medina Steaks

Medina Steaks & More

The place is pretty busy at night, but meals could come quick and well prepared. Unlike any other restaurant, Medina has a wide menu, and everything is Halal. There is a wide range of drinks, including the berry juice cocktail – but no alcohol is served. The atmosphere is lively and good for families or couples.

3. Caspian Grill

Caspian Grill

While in Frankfurt, if you want to eat something quick and reasonable Caspian Grill is the restaurant to be. The place us clean and the food is great.

4. Mamma Forno

Mamma Forno

Chose this place because of the atmosphere. Very calm, relaxed and friendly staff. The food is good. The freshly squeezed orange juice and ginger mint tea is great. You may find this as a new favorite place in Frankfurt.

5. Schandis


Great food and atmosphere. Customer service is very friendly. A 3-course menu costs € 35 per person. A highly recommended restaurant.

6. Mustache


Not in the city center or nearby, but that makes it great because it’s not crowded. Taste and service is very nice. The only problem is that menu is not in English and the portions are too big to eat for one person.

7. Doy Doy

Doy Doy

The food is great, the service is very quick and the portions are huge. However, inside the restaurant it can be hot at times but there is an outdoor sitting available and you can smoke there as well.

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