Hong Kong is a foodie paradise for Muslim travelers who have the appropriate Halal certification. Muslims exploring this great city are spoiled for choice where to eat their next meal. Below is the list of the best halal restaurants in Hong Kong:

1. 27 Kebab House

27 Kebab House

Kebabs are the epitome of halal travel as it is the easiest and safest option abroad. Simple dishes from the Middle East such as kebabs, pizza, biryani and curry are served in this humble eatery. Their generous service and affordability make them a great, budget-friendly option. 27 Kebab House has several other locations, including the Tsim Sha Tsui area.

2. Bombay Dreams

Bombay Dreams

Bombay’s dreams make your dreams of Indian fine dining come true. The food is prepared by chefs from India, which guarantees its authenticity. For hungry Muslim travelers with a large appetite, you should enjoy the extensive buffet with a selection of curry and sweets during lunch.

3. Jashan Celebrates Indian Cuisine

Jashan Celebrates Indian Cuisine

Jashan is known as one of the best Indian restaurants in Hong Kong and serves modern Indian cuisine. The dynamic and talented chefs behind Jashan prepare a variety of Indian fusion flavors, including the typical Bombay Tawa Chicken, Butter Chicken and Mirchi Kebab dish. Regular customers always praise the consistent quality of the food and the warm hospitality.

4. Happy Cow

happy cow

Happy cow ice cream and milkshakes are the perfect dessert when you explore the Ferris wheel! Their unique flavors range from Ying Yang Sesame to Banana Caramel Swirl. All milk-free products are Halal-certified and are made from coconut cream and organic coconut sugar.

5. Canteen of the Islamic Center

. Canteen of the Islamic Center

A trip to this canteen is a must, as it serves one of the best halal dim sum in Hong Kong. Be sure to come early as they only serve dim sum until 3pm daily! Favorite cooked dumplings like Siew Mai and Har Kow are definitely a must, while fried dumplings like the Shrimp Wonton are recommended for those looking for some crunch. This restaurant is located in a mosque and is ideal for Muslim travelers who want to do their prayers.

6. Wai Kee

Wai Kee

Wai Kee is a household name among Halal restaurants in Hong Kong. Your marinated, crispy duck skin is enough to make you salivate! If you are traveling in a group, it is strongly recommended that you order the side dishes with your duck rice.

7. Aladdin Mess

Aladdin Mess

The Aladin Mess’s extensive menu ranges from Indian curries to grilled meat. This restaurant in the heart of the city serves fragrant basmati rice, heavenly naan bread and crispy peppers. You can also expect a variety of meat and seafood curries. Be sure to try the crispy Naan and the Brisket Masala, a great mix of spices that soothe your stomach after a long day of hiking.

8. Jojo Indian Cuisine

Jojo Indian Cuisine

Jojo’s Kitchen is a fixture in the Hong Kong halal food scene. The extensive menu includes a range of Indian cuisine dishes such as Keema Samosa, Lamb Seekh Kathi Roll and many more. Start your meal with their curd cheese dumplings.

9. Warung Malang Club

Warung Malang Club

Warung Malang is the ideal restaurant for Muslim travelers who want to try real Indonesian food. They ensure that the guests are very satisfied with their generous portions. You can flip through the back of the counter by displaying Indonesian dishes like nasi goreng and chicken satay with peanut sauce.

10. Ebeneezer’s Kebab

Ebeneezer's Kebab

This successful chain of kebab shops serves warm kebabs to both local customers and Muslim travelers. Aside from a choice of chicken or lamb for your kebabs, you’ll be torn when you serve 12 different dressings to suit every customer’s taste buds!

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