More and more facilities in Manchester are now offering Halal options to their Muslim guests. From Thai, Malaysian to Brazilian cuisine, we’ve put together the best restaurants in Manchester, United Kingdom that offer halal dishes:


1. Nando


For Peri Peri lovers, this South African Portuguese-style restaurant is a must. The chain’s steadily growing popularity has led it to appear all over Greater Manchester. Not all venues offer halal chickens, but those at Trafford Center, Oxford Road and Manchester Fort.

2. Fazenda


If you love your meat, this upscale Brazilian-style rodizigo restaurant is for you. If you want halal meat, you must order 48 hours in advance and make a deposit of GBP 10 as this is not part of the regular menu. The range of meat depends on what the halal butcher has in store, but usually includes loin, chicken breast, torso and sausages. If you don’t like meat, there is a fish selection and a great salad bar.

3. Vermillion


One mile from Manchester’s most elegant venues is just 1 mile from Manchester City FC Stadium. The £ 5m restaurant is known for its Thai and Indian fusion menu and for its opulent interior, designed by Miguel Cancio Martins, famous for his Buddha bar creation in Paris. The extensive range extends from street food dishes to a-carte dishes with traditional dishes such as Karahi lamb and Thai green curry to salmon yang and sea bass in banana leaf.

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4. Rump N Ribs Steak House

Rump N Ribs Steak House

Another for meat lovers. Rump N Ribs claims to be the only steak house to offer Halal Aberdeen Angus beef! No matter whether you are looking for fillet, loin, t-bone, rump or buffalo ribs, the simple menu offers a large selection. Chicken, salmon and sea bass are also on offer.

5. Cafe Istanbul

. Cafe Istanbul

Cafe Istanbul is the most traditional Turkish restaurant in Manchester and offers a truly Mediterranean experience. There is something for every taste, from lamb chops to Istanbul chicken to spicy kofte and Turkish sausage. The menu also includes an extensive menu of vegetable dishes, including stuffed grape leaves, eggplant salad and fried goat cheese.

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6. Las Iguanas

Las Iguanas

Do you fancy an injection of Latin American flavors? Las Iguanas serves a whole range of Latino classics such as fajitas, cordero, burrito and enchilada. The menu includes halal and non-halal meat. The chicken, the lamb, the mutton and the turkey are halal in all branches.

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