Without a doubt one of the best things about our beautiful city of Melbourne is its diversity. Especially when eating is the topic of conversation. So, for all Halal-loving Melburnians who want to try the best food in our beautiful city, here are a few of the best places in Melbourne to enjoy some Halal delights.

1. Gazi, Melbourne


George Calombaris’ delicious Greek hangout, Gazi, serves delicious halal food in a great CBD setting. Everything but the lamb is halal certified, so there are some drooling options for lunch and dinner. Saganaki sliders with beetroot relish!? We could eat them for days.

 2. Sezar, Melbourne


Sezar focuses on Armenian flavors with a modern Australian twist and serves delicious Halal-certified dishes that range from spiced beef cheek to whole lamb shoulders. The triple-cooked fries are fantastic, and if you’re still hungry after being fed hearty finds, both baklava and chocolate marquis are fantastic. Hands down one of Melbourne’s best halal restaurants for celebrations.

3. Rumi, Melbourne


Rumi, the hidden gem of East Brunswick, is all about modern flavors from the Middle East. The menu includes charcoal chicken wings, seasoned lamb and king prawns as well as delicious salads and vegetable side dishes (the crispy potatoes are perfectly seasoned). Luckily, Rumi also makes a fantastic takeaway menu, meaning you can enjoy the Persian meatballs with tomato and saffron sauce, almonds and house yoghurt or decadent quail kebabs from the comfort of your sofa.

4. Super Normal, Melbourne

Super Normal

Andrew McConnell’s Asian fusion restaurant offers halal lamb and duck dishes, as well as a karaoke cabin for after-dinner singstar action. If you’re looking for one of the coolest places in the city to discover Japanese, Chinese and Korean flavors, you’ve come to the right place. Protip: The Supernormal team does everything it can to obtain halal meat supplies for other dishes. So ask what is halal-friendly that day.

5. Red Spice Street, Melbourne

Red Spice Street

Red Spice Road, located at QV Center and McKillop Street, is considered one of the best restaurants in Melbourne to enjoy Asian cuisine, and guarantees that all meat dishes are halal. Shop for a pampering feast. While the sticky pork belly is out of the question, Malaysian duck curry tastes delicious, and the crispy chicken wings are to. To die. To the. Oh yeah!

6. Tiba’s, Melbourne


Tiba’s Lebanese restaurant on Sydney Road is an absolute must if you’re looking for authentic Lebanese food that’s halal-friendly and served in a lively dining room. Everything here is halal, which means you don’t have to cling to kafta, lamb chops, Lebanese sausages, quail, or chicken wings. Of course, there is also epic falafel and babaganooj action, and you can even order online and have it delivered to your home.

7. Epoch, Melbourne


If you are only interested in first-class food, Rathdowne Street Institution Epocha is your next halal-friendly meeting point. This gourmet combines super fresh local products with traditional cooking techniques and ensures that all meat is halal. Some killer dishes are also served, including one of the best lamb shoulder roasts in town. Combine it with crispy artichokes with carrots and radishes and duck fat potatoes, and you’ll have the best festival together that you’ll mock all month.

8. Fitzroy North, Melbourne

Fitzroy North

You saw the queues to get there, right? The Moroccan soup bar in Fitzroy North is our cheapest Halal choice. While the wraps are perfect for a quick hunger, the set banquet menu is just right for you. Grab your friends and come early guys.

9. Maha, Melbourne


You’ll find some of the Middle East’s most incredible flavors in one of Melbourne’s many hidden restaurants, the award-winning basement Maha. The best way to learn what Halal is that day is under the direction of Shane Delia from SBS ‘Spice Journey’. If you have the offer, try the 6-course menu and arrive hungry.

10. 4Fingers Crispy Chicken, Melbourne

4Fingers crispy chicken

Everyone loves a good portion of fried chicken every now and then. 4Fingers have you sorted with what type of fried halal goodness you are looking for. Think chicken wings topped with Japanese rice and kimchi coleslaw, and chicken burger topped with fresh mushrooms.

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