No matter who you are New York is a very popular travel destination for American Muslims as well as Muslim tourists from around the world. Of course, eating is one of the most discussed items when planning an itinerary, so we’ve got you covered. Check out the top halal restaurants while exploring New York City, USA:

1. Burger from Honest Chops

Burger from Honest Chops

Owned by Honest Chops, a halal butcher in Greenwich Village, you know these burgers will be great. The menu is simple and straightforward, with a choice of beef, merguez lamb and chicken burgers, and two types of fries. All of Burgers by Honest Chops’ ingredients are of a high standard, and the meat is also made for ethical reasons – this is a place not to be missed on your trip downtown.


2. Afghan Kebab House

Afghan Kebab House

If you’re looking for a good hole in the wall, the Afghan Kebab House is the place to be. After spending decades in Hell’s Kitchen, they serve some of the best authentic Afghan food and are known for their variety of kebabs fresh from the charcoal grill. Try the popular Kabuli Palow or share the combo kebab main course with an abundance of pages.

3. Ravagh


With recipes that owners Amir Raoufi and Masoud Tehrani brought back from Iran over 20 years ago, it’s not hard to understand why Ravagh is a well-known and popular Persian restaurant in Manhattan. Every night, the place is busy with groups of friends and young families looking for a good, hearty meal, and the service will help you feel at home.

4. Junoon


Fancy a chic dinner one evening while out and about in the Big Apple? Look no further than Junoon, a Michelin-starred Indian restaurant for those on a halal diet. It’s a little expensive for dinner, but they do offer a fantastic prix-fixed lunch menu for $ 25. Expect traditional dishes like eggplant chaat, ghost chili chicken tikka and lamb boti kebab.

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5. The Halal Guys

The Halal Guys

Although they have been around for ages, Halal Guys will have cult status with queues on the street at any time of the day! The queue may seem long, but with Halal Guys serving a plate every minute, you’ll be there in no time and can relax after hours of sightseeing.

6. Istanbul Kebab House

. Istanbul Kebab House

This Turkish Mediterranean place is arguably one of the most famous halal places in the whole city. Visit a wide range of kebabs, including chicken, lamb, or the Istanbul Special (shish kebab, adana, gyro, and lamb chop).

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7. Sammy’s Halal Cart

Sammy's Halal Cart

This Halal car, set up in the West Village, is usually frequented by students from New York University between courses or returns to their dormitories after a long evening. The car is absolutely famous for its special red and green seasoning sauces – so much so that some New Yorkers refuse to go anywhere for their kick.

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