The relaxed atmosphere in Paris makes this place charming and magical. So if you’re looking for the most bustling Halal-certified Asian restaurant, this isn’t the place to go, is it? Not correct! Well, with the wealth of different kitchens, there are a lot of halal restaurants here in Paris! Halal food essentially means dishes that are prepared according to the laws of Islam.

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There are many elegant restaurants in the French capital that serve authentic halal dishes. With strategic locations on the crowded street corners, these restaurants are easily accessible and easy to find. If you crave delicious and authentic halal dishes, check out this list of the best Halal restaurants in Paris, France.

1. Le Baili

Le Baili

Le Baili is a modern restaurant that serves Tex-Mex dishes that pamper your taste buds! Finding halal food at this location is not a problem as the menu has a large selection. For Tex-Mex decisions, you can choose the Burrito Boeuf Ou Poulet or the Gratinado Del Sol. In this restaurant you can expect light and fresh dishes.

2. Les Grands Enfants

Les Grands Enfants

Les Grands Enfants is the capital’s best halal restaurant with French cuisine and offers many refreshing halal dishes to satisfy your hungry stomach! A contemporary ambience with an elegant atmosphere welcomes you when you enter the restaurant.

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Check out the great selection of Halal-certified dishes, including appetizers (pumpkin soup, salad, etc.), grilled dishes (beef fillet and fillet, etc.), and fish dishes (scallops, risotto, and cod). As a drink, you can try the selection of grands crus, which contains drinks without alcohol.

3. Le Petit Indien

Le Petit Indien

The restaurant Le Petit Indien offers authentic and delicious Indian halal food. You will find the delicious dishes of India in this well-kept restaurant. The minimalist and lively aura of this place will make you focus on the food! You can also choose to take it with you or deliver it, both of which are available here. At the same time, you have the option of booking online if you want to have a safe place in the restaurant. The dishes here are homemade, so all the dishes on the menu, from starters to main courses, are fresh!

4. Jodhpur Palace

Jodhpur Palace

Feel like a king as you dine at the elegant Jodhpur Palace. Let yourself be pampered with traditional and authentic Indian dishes. With its new interior design, you can enjoy the atmosphere of posh Paris while trying the delicious dishes. Colorful and spicy dishes await you here. There is a large selection of halal-certified dishes on the menu. You will surely love this elegant Indian restaurant. You can rely on Jodhpur Palace for a refreshing and elegant way of eating.

5. Yasmin


Aromatic, full of spices and colors characterize Indian dishes. This restaurant shows that it is so graceful. Yasmin offers halal foods that show the authenticity of Indian cuisine. In this restaurant you have the option to dine with a 10% discount on the latter option. Both the cuisine of Northern and Southern India are served here in this restaurant in Paris.

6. Le Wok Saint Germain

Le Wok Saint Germain

Wok St Germain, with an excellent rating based on reviews, offers delicious Indian cuisine with a relaxed ambience and 100% halal food. What makes this restaurant special is that there are interesting events such as football evenings where games are broadcast to the guests. The restaurant offers the possibility to order meals online. How practical!

7. Royal Indien

Royal Indien

The Royal Indien restaurant has been formulating recipes since 1980. So don’t expect anything less than fine and authentic Indian dishes. The menu includes colorful salads, biryani and naan as well as many other well-known Indian culinary delights. Looking for Halal Certified Food? This is not a problem, since everything is halal here! Enjoy the selection of food and drinks at Royal India.

8. Sahil Restaurant

Sahil Restaurant

Satisfy your craving for delicious Indian cuisine with a halal certificate! You will be greeted by the familiar taste of Indian dishes. This restaurant offers a wide range of food and drinks as there is something new from time to time. The Sahil Restaurant serves homemade specialties such as smoothies. Reviews express the satisfaction of the guests with the food and the ambience.

9. Durgapur Palace

Durgapur Palace

The homely atmosphere of Durgapur Place ensures that guests feel comfortable when enjoying a delicious feast! For halal lunch or dinner, this restaurant offers you a relaxed and elegant atmosphere. Try the fresh and colorful selection of dishes, from starters to desserts. The halal plate may be the best choice if you want to take a full meal. Home and takeaway services are also available here.

10. L Table Libanaise

L Table Libanaise

L Table Libanaise offers the delicious aromas of a delicious halal-style cuisine with an elegant atmosphere. Unlike the typical busy restaurants, this place is relaxed and relaxed. There is even free WiFi on site! With so many dishes, including Halal certified ones, prepare your taste buds for this adventure! Here you can enjoy traditional Lebanese snacks, but there are also many other meals. End your dining experience with a glass of wine.

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