There are a lot of Halal restaurants in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Whether its Arab, Indonesia, Indian or Malaysian cuisines, it is up to you which cuisine you choose. There are also a local Halal foods stall, but you need some transportation and guides to go to the location. Below is the list of top Halal restaurants in the city:

1. The Gulai Restaurant

The Gulai Restaurant

The Gulai Restaurant is a partnership between Malaysian and Cambodians. It is located at the center of Phnom Penh, and if you are staying around the town, you can simply walk to the restaurant.

2. Cafe Malaya

Cafe Malaya

In Café Malaya you have a lot of options for local food. The best thing is that they accept the foreign currency i.e. you can pay US Dollars for the Malaysia cuisines buffet.

3. Flavors of India II

Flavors of India II

If you’ve decided to taste indian foods, then go to Flavors of indian restaurant. The environment is superb. The best thing to order is the prawn curry, chicken tandooris, lamb rogan josh, fish tikka masala, garlic naan, yellow rice and mango lassi.

4. Curry Pot

Curry Pot

Best Indian restaurant in Phnom Penh. Food preparation is extremely good. Wide range of vegetarian and vegan options are available.

5. Casablanca Restaurant

Casablanca Restaurant

It’s a fabulous little restaurant. Great fixed menu with good options. Worth getting a tuk tuk as we would never have found it on our own. Wonderful service too. Well worth a visit.

6. Warung Bali

Warung Bali

A halal and delicious Indonesia food in Phnom Penh. It locates near Royal Palace. The serving is fast and good. The price is very affordable. You will most probably love all food served here especially tempe mendoan, sup iga, tauge ikan asin.

7. Hummus House

Hummus House

Along the riverside area; Hummus House serves truly authentic Lebanese/Mediterranean cuisine including the world famous tabouleh and shishtaouk.

8. Mr. Mediterranean

. Mr. Mediterranean

If you want to be surprised by the quality of the food and the services, Mr. Mediterranean is the place to be. The restaurant is well located with an extremely nice view.

9. Mount Everest Halal Restaurant

. Mount Everest Halal Restaurant

Outstanding and consistently top quality Indian / Pakistani food. Their dal, vegetables and chicken is awesome. Adjustable spicy range to your taste. Service is good and definitely worth a visit if you can eat curry.

10. Babylon Restaurant

Babylon Restaurant

Service was excellent and the food is pretty good, especially the fattyeh. Very nice place to visit near the museum.

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